Sunday, 25 April 2004

College Essays: Claire Sylvia, My Neighbor

When Claire Sylvia, my neighbor and the most amazing person in the world, woke up from a heart and lung transplant operation at Yale-New Haven Hospital in 1988, she longed for new and strange things - beer and chicken nuggets. While under anesthesia, she dreamed about a young man with the initials T. L. In her dream, she kissed him, and as their lips met she sucked his entire body, like a ghost, into her own. Convinced that her new organs may have triggered a profound change within her, Claire set out to discover the identity of her donor. He was a young house painter whose initials were none other than T. L., which stood for Thomas Luvinsky.

here's a college paper article circa 1997

she wroteco-wrote a book

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