Wednesday, 30 June 2004

Gadget May Help Sleepers Choose Dreams

The device, which will sell for $136 in Japan starting late August, targets sleep-deprived businessmen, a company official said.

"There are many businessmen today who they say don't sleep because they are too busy. This gadget can be used to help them dream a good dream," said Takara spokeswoman Mayuko Hasumi.

In a study conducted on a group of men and women between the ages of 20-40, the device had a success rate of 22 percent in inducing dreams in which one of the prompt words appeared, said the Yomiuri Shimbun, a major daily.

heck I get better than that with sigils.. 23.5% at least

Poe's Journal is going on Tour!

not edgar allen poe's journal, Poe. As in:
Until Poe is finally liberated from the horrible contractual entanglements that are preventing her from releasing a new album and touring, the Poe Ball will be touring the world in her place. That's right. A bright red Poe Ball is going to make its way around the globe accompanied by a leather bound journal. I like to think of the Ball as a little space probe, going out to meet all the folks that have hung in there with Poe for so long; and of course we hope that the Ball will make lots of new friends along the way.

poe's better than you think

even the barbies hate us

Sonic Youth | Nurse

mefi post and both have links to video of in-studio taping at kcrw that I can't watch at work.

(hey, fwiw: on the album I thought track #3 very good, but track #1 is my favorite because I loved William Gibson's last book too)

Tuesday, 29 June 2004

unsavoury products present BEAUTY: making you less ugly

It's the secret everyone in Hollywood is talking about... shipped discretely to your home.
Loss of expression guaranteed. Also works wonders on haemorrhoids!

(there's also a mailing list, although it might be inactive)


coming very soon

& someone caught the show on the ninth! right on!

Northvegr - Grimm's TM - Chap. 34

Before proceeding with out inquiry, we have to examine the several terms that designated witchcraft in olden times. It seems worth noting, that several of the more general names have simply the sense of doing or preparing, and therefore mark an imperceptible lapse of right doing into wrong. The OHG. karawan, AS. gearwian, had only the meaning of facere, parare, praeparare, ornare, but the same word in ON. göra approximates to that of conjuring, Dan. forgiöre; görnîng is maleficium, görnîngar artes magicae, much in the same was as facinus is both deed and misdeed. Our thun, to do, passes into anthun, to inflic (by sorcery); and the ON. fordœða (malefica), Sæm. 64a. 197b comes from dâð (facinus) (3) Now the Greek and Latin words epdein, rezein, facere (p. 41n.), mean not only to do, but to sacrifice, without requiring the addition of iera or sacra, and erdein tini ti is to bewitch; the ON. blôta, beside its usual sense of sacrificare, consecrare, has that of maledicere; whether fornœskja, sorcery, can be connected with fôrn, sacrifice, has been discussed, p. 41. ---A difficult word to explain is the OHG. zoupar divinatio, maleficium, zouparari hariolus, zouparôn hariolari; Notker spells zoufer in Ps. 57, 6, zouver in Boeth. 29, zouferlih, zouverlih in Cap. 45. 99; the MHG. zouber, zoubern answers exactly to the strict OHG. forms with p. to LG. tover, toveren, and the same in Nethl. both Mid. and Mod. (conf. toverîe, Maerl. 1, 260-3, toverare 1, 266. 2, 176-7, toeverîe is a faulty spelling); O. Fris. tawerie, Richth. 401. 21. The Icelandic has töfur instrumenta magica, töfrar incantamenta, töfra fascinare, töfrari magus, töfranorn saga, Fornald. sög. 3, 205; with which the Norw. tougre fascinare (Hallager 131b) and Swed. tofver incantatio, tofverhäxa saga, agree; we may safely suppose a modern importation of all these Scand. words from Germany, as they do not occur in ON. writings. (4) I am in doubt whether an AS teáfor is to be connected with zoupar; it signifies minium, color coccineus, and Lye gives (without ref.) tifran depingere, which ought perhaps to by týfrian. The addition of the adj. red in reád teáfor (rubrica) favours the conjecture that teáfor was a general term for the colours employed in illuminating manuscripts, and thus may stand for rune, mystic writing, hence our zauber (magic). (5) To identify zoupar with zëpar (p. 40), AS. teáfor with tiber, is forbidden by the difference of vowel, though it would bring the notion of magic very near that of sacrifice again. One would much rather trace zoupar to zouwan, Goth. táujan, AS. tawian (facere, parare), and assume the operation of some anomalous change of the w into v, b, p. (6) Even the Lith. daryti, Lett. darriht (facere), and the Slav. tvoríti (facere, creare, fingere) are worth considering. ---Another term no less perplexing is one peculiar to the Saxon branch of our race. In L. Saxony they still say for conjuring or soothsaying, wikhen, wicken (Ssp. 2, 13. Homeyer p. 117 var. x) and wigelen (wichelen), for fortune-teller wikker, wichler, for witch wikkerske, for sorcery wichelie. So in Nethl. both wikken and wichelen, wikkerij and wichelarij; M. Nethl. wikelare ariolus, Maerl. 2, 323. 348, wigelare, Kästner's Bruchst. 42b, wigelinge vaticinium 12b. The AS. also has the two forms: both wiccian fascinare, wicce saga, wiccungdôm (Cædm. 223, 17) or wiccancrœft ars magica; and wiglian ariolari, wigelere augur, wigelung augurium, incantatio; while the Fris. transposes the letters, wiliga incantatio, Richth. 401, 21. The Engl. has witch = wicce; from the AS. verb has survived its partic. wicked (perversus, maledictus), and O. Engl. had an adj. wikke meaning the same; add wizard, but all the L-forms have disappeared. The word is unknown to any HG. dialect, old or new; (7) yet I believe it springs from a root common to all Teutonic tongues, viz. veihan (no. 201), which again had originally the sense of facere, conficere, sacrare, and from which came the adj. veihs (sacer), OHG. wîh, and the noun vaíhts (res), conf. Slav. tvar, tvor (creatura, ktisij). We know that vaíhts, wight, acquired the sense of dæmon (p. 440-1), and the ON. vœttr (örm vættr, poor wight) means a witch in Sæm. 214b. I treat the kk in wikken as I did that in Ecke from the root agan (p. 237), and this is supported by the g in wigelen and ch in wichelen (evidently a ch = h). ---Near in meaning, though unrelated in origin, seems the OHG. wîzago, AS. wîtega, wîtga, Cædm. 218, 18. 224, 13, our weissage, prophet, soothsayer, but in a good, not in a bad sense; the ON. form vitki, Sæm. 63a. 118a, stands for vitugi (conf. vitug 94a), as ecki, eitki does for eitgi (Gramm. 3, 738), and vætki for vætgi. This vitki has been wrongly identified with AS. wicce: never does an AS. cc result from tg, though it becomes tch in English. (8) The corresponding verb is OHG. wîzagôn, AS. wîtegian, M. Nethl. witegen, Diut. 2, 202b. ---Equivalent at first to wîtega and vitki were the ON. spâmaðr, spâkona, spâdîs (pp. 94. 402): but from signifying the gift of wisdom and prediction as it resides in priest and poet, (9) they gradually declined into the sense of noxious wizard and witch. Even Snorri's for-spâr and fiöl-kunnigr (p. 1031n.) had already acquired the bad secondary sense. Fiölkunnigr (multiscius) came to mean magician, and fiöl-kunnâtta fiölkýngi, and even the simple kýngi (= kunnugi) sorcery. This kýngi was learnt as a profession: 'Rögnvaldr nam fiölkýngi,' Har. Hârf. saga cap. 36. Walther 116, 29 says of a lady wondrous fair: 'daz si iht anders künne (that she was up to other tricks, knew too much), daz soll man übergeben (you are not to imagine).' Hans Sachs calls an old sorceress by turns 'die alt unhuld' and 'die weise frau' iv. 3, 32-3 (see Suppl.).

Expect Change

as long as what you say and what you know are two different things you can't be who you are

the Maury Povitch Jerry Springer trailer park watching public doesn't have a clue

Friday, 25 June 2004

can't sleep

what if you could chart sound by semantic impact rather than time signature?

rumbling ideas in my backbrain, can't sleep, dreams of thunder (saw the coolest art in the world, read some amazing poetry this morning & it done got my head all riled up) and to top it off I've got to drive to witchita in two hours

consider this my way of saying I be gone (offline) for a while,
back sunday nightat the latest.

more iphhpo (inverted hip-hop) mixed & posted (track name:N0ferther)

Cheney drops "F-bomb"

i'm not the only one cussing lately
During their exchange, Leahy noted that Republicans had accused Democrats of being anti-Catholic because they are opposed to some of President George W. Bush's anti-abortion judges, the aides said.

That's when Cheney unloaded with the "F-bomb," aides said.

According to Senate rules, profanity is not permitted in the chamber. But when the exchange occurred between Leahy and Cheney, the Senate was not in session so there was technically no foul.
via fark

the new Beastie Boys album - cd players only

It seems that Capitol Records has some sort of new copy protection system,
that automatically, silently, installs "helpful" copy protection software on
MacOS and Windows as soon as you insert the CD into default systems.
anyone else know of any other bands doing this?again, fucking hell

(*****update - see

Thursday, 24 June 2004

paris hilton in Dungeons & Dragons movie

fucking hell

new track: MonarCo

kinda industrial hip-hop hybrid-ish.

also hosted here for tipsters


The Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, with its unpronounceable title, indecipherable text, and unidentifiable author, is one of the most puzzling, enigmatic and fascinating books ever conceived. Since its publication (1499), it has surprised its readers with its vast knowledge of architecture and landscape and garden design, but also engineering, painting and sculpture. Part fictional narrative, and part scholarly treatise, the book is, in addition, an extreme expression of erotic furore, aimed at everything, especially architecture, that the protagonist Poliphilo encounters in his quest for his beloved Polia, whose name translated from the Greek as meaning "many things." The book is also a political manifesto defending the right of women to express their own sexuality and the superiority of Eros, beauty and knowledge over aggression and war.
googled it because of a Nobody Knows Anything entry


some bubbles from the underground:take with salt

Project Extinction? (aids/cjd/superSARS/wnv)

Underground cities only admissable with national ID cards?

Giant Horned Owl building in texas + bohemian grove

note to alex jones - horned owl isn't moloch, moloch's a minotaur-looking brass idol with hands extended over a firey belly upon which kids were sacrificed. the owl's an avatar of Athena, or Metis, who is a reflection of Sophia, who manifests as Baphomet

pleiadians hosting photo-ops outside austin strip malls?

anyone have any clue what any of this could mean?

guy told me we got about 5 months before the schiznat hits that fan

we are living in a philip k dick novel


Eris wants us to remember the FutureHi entry for 5/32/4

Wednesday, 23 June 2004

Enigma of rock puzzles woman

bored reporter?
Audrey Farrar, Price's older daughter, says her mother didn't talk to anybody about the rock because her mother probably was skeptical.

"We have all watched it grow over the years," says Farrar. "It wasn't like it was growing while you looked at it. It was like, from time to time you would see it and say, 'Well, yeah, OK.' I just wish that we had taken measurements of it before now, because everybody just thinks we are crazy."

Bill Brooks, a longtime family friend, says he has witnessed the rock's growth.

"When I first saw it, it was sitting in the corner of the yard," said Brooks. "It was a little rock, and over the years it's gotten bigger and bigger. I'm scared of that rock."

Price said fear often was the reaction when she showed the rock and then told the story behind it.

"When people see it, they are afraid of it, because I tell them it's my growing rock," she said. "They said they wouldn't even keep it in the house. They think it would do some harm to me. But I'm not afraid of it."

When she shows the rock now, it weighs about 32 pounds and has to be held with two hands. It's brownish-red on the top and dark brown on the bottom and is shaped like an extra-thick loaf of pumpernickel bread. It also resembles the shape of a human brain.
via wren's nest

fear the rock

Tunes create context like language

reminds me of
musical notes are strung together in the same patterns as words in a piece of literature, according to an Argentinian physicist.

His analysis also reveals a key difference between tonal compositions, which are written in a particular key, and atonal ones, which are not. This sheds light on why many people find it so hard to make sense of atonal works.
via lvx23

& meanwhile, EBC reminded me Firefox 0.9 is out

& that Human Organ Black Market story is properly linked now as well.

sp logo sketch

so I spent a few minutes sketching out the skinny puppy logo on tGWotR nice and big just for the heck of it & when I went to take a photo of it Gargy made sure she was front & center for every shot.

Bush plans to screen whole US population for mental illness

this in light of this and you really can smell the alex jones

thanks to john fenderson
via chapel perilous comments on this post


obliquely related:

Monday, 21 June 2004

new track (title nsfw)

it's got a positively lovecraftian audio clip I snagged from Professor Peabody's Last Lecture--an old Night Gallery--along with a d. kucinich @ harkin steak fry soundbite, g w bush in front of soldiers, and a clip off 1984


if you want to stream it with flash, use this link instead

MindVox: Last Exit for the Lost

Vox loves, believes in, and STANDS BEHIND all B-D products, which make hypodermic syringes that should ONLY be used for IM'ing insulin -- never, ever, anything else . . . at all. It chooses to disbelieve in the Secret, Hidden Network of Iranian Gas-Station Owners who are nearly always out of gas, change, or any food product that did not expire 3 years ago. They do, however, have a near-endless supply of baking soda and brillo, plus, also, not to be forgotten, Many Thousands of Mysterious Glass Tubes -- which the super-friendly worker will hand you through the bulletproof glass if he KNOWS you -- which could serve almost ANY purpose imaginable, but are definitely, without a doubt, and absolutely, NOT crackpipes.
I don't know, I just link to the stuff. Reminds me of h13

Words that end in "-AGE"

thanks to lateral thinking instigated by this mnemonic containment post

(i wonder if there's a list of words that end in "-eon")

Doctors suspected to be behind racket

possible existence of a well-organised racket,
exporting human organs to the US and European countries

The deputy chief of the police’s Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Mr Okoth Ochola confirmed to Sunday Monitor Saturday morning that police had gone into full swing to get to the truth of the matter.

“Yes we have got some information that there is a possibility that there is a racket dealing in human organs trafficking. We have started investigations. We have cast the net in the sea and are waiting for results,” said Ochola.

Another police source told Sunday Monitor, the line of investigations is that the current widespread ritual murders rocking the country are apparently a cover up. In early May, police uncovered several graves in Mityana, Mubende district.

The suspects; Mr James Kityo, Mr Rogers Kitumba and Ms Harriet Namboga, claimed they were cannibals. But some of the bodies recovered were missing vital organs. Police now is probing the line that the cannibal theory was a cover up.

via religion news blog

INARI or Oinari or Oinari-sama

part of SHINTO - THE WAY OF THE GODS index.

(very cool site overall)



(I'm reading Villa Incognito at this very moment: "...every individual has to assume responsibility for his or her own actions, even the poor and the young. A social system that decrees otherwise is inviting intellectual atrophy and spiritual stagnation." - t robbins)


Spider-Man India interweaves the local customs, culture and mystery of modern India, with an eye to making Spider-Man’s mythology more relevant to this particular audience. Readers of this series will not see the familiar Peter Parker of Queens under the classic Spider-Man mask, but rather a new hero – a young, Indian boy named Pavitr Prabhakar. As Spider-Man, Pavitr leaps around rickshaws and scooters in Indian streets, while swinging from monuments such as the Gateway of India and the Taj Mahal....
The first four issues of the new comic series will be published and released by Gotham Entertainment Group in India, and are scheduled to coincide with the theatrical release of Spider-Man 2 in India.
via fark

maybe this could be the origin:
Once two minor devas quarrelled among themselves as to who was more devoted to Lord Shiva. During one of these quarrels they cursed each other and one became an elephant and the other a spider. Realising their predicament they prayed to Lord Shiva to redeem them from their curses. Lord Shiva instructed them both to go to this jungle full of 'Jambu' trees and worship the 'Lingam' that had appeared there under a 'Jambu' tree. Thus both the elephant and the spider were born in this jungle of jambu trees. The elephant brought water from the pond nearby in its trunk and washed the 'Lingam' and kept the place tidy. The spider, however, wove a web over the 'Lingam' as a canopy to prevent dry leaves and rubbish falling on the 'Lingam'. One day the elephant while tidying up the area saw the spider's web over the 'Lingam' and pulled it down. The spider was outraged at this and crawled into the trunk of the elephant and bit it. The elephant unable to stand the pain dashed its trunk against the trees and died. The spider too was killed. Lord Shiva took pity on these two creatures and gave salvation to both of them.

Saturday, 19 June 2004

the thunder beings (prophecy)

(this isn't breaking news, just interrelated items of interest)more: NATIVE ELDERS REVEAL CENTURIES OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONTACT LORE by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.(c) 1996
Choctaw Medicine Man Panther (Preston Scott) told of how he was designated to follow the path of the heyoka (sacred trickster). One day as a boy he was being walked to school by his mother. A dark storming cloud came up from the west. His mother told him to run to his grandfather's house. He made it as far as his grandfather's yard when a lightning bolt struck so close to him that the heat and energy flipped him over. He landed on his feet still running and went up on his grandfather's porch. Being struck by lightning is Spirit designation as heyoka.

As an adult, Panther was climbing a hill one day and received a vision of three Grandfathers. He was told that he was going to go north to the Lakota land, where they would give him a foundation of spiritual knowledge to take back to his people, because the Choctaw had lost their spiritual ways.

Friday, 18 June 2004

mutation eminent imminent

I've got an absurd amount of online time scheduled for tomorrow so I figure I'll do some site maintenance I've been thinking about...


well, hopefully it will be an eminent update. It is imminent, nevertheless...

extensive & easily searchable

(fun stuff)

Thursday, 17 June 2004


it keeps ya sane

Vatican moves to quell 'alternatives'

The closed-door conference includes priests and lay people from 25 countries, focusing on a Vatican report on New Age sects last year....

Among the pursuits eroding the Catholic church's ranks are ancient Egyptian occult practices, Sufism, the lore of the Druids, Celtic Christianity, medieval alchemy, Renaissance hermeticism, yoga and Zen Buddhism.

The report notes how in Japan, one Jesuit missionary became a Zen Buddhist roshi, or master. He became a type of reverse missionary, implanting Zen Buddhist ideas and practice in Catholic groups in Germany and elsewhere, where they continue to thrive.
via wren's nest

(Ever read 'Another Roadside Attraction' by T. Robbins?)

hot meme convergence sidebar links

I'm an ISFP which means I both extrovertedly & introvertedly intuit. I don't pretend to understand everything I've linked to on a conscious, rational basis, and these links are more for my own research and blog aesthetic. I'd love to have the scientific wherewithal to be a contributor to an open-source dna project, but I don't. Instead, I'm writing a book about such a collective, and that's where these links have originated.

hopefully they'll inspire ya'll too

Gmail - Compose Mail

got 43 invites, anyone want?

not the most secure email in the world - that's why I have a link in my sidebar to anonymous emailing

but it is the coolest, most useful email.

(I despise POPwhatever mail with a passion that transcends all emotion)


I just discovered that google gmail invites end up in yahoo bulk folders

of course they do

so, if you invite someone from gmail to yahoo mail you should probably also let them know you're doing so so they can check their bulk folder

the more you know...

Wednesday, 16 June 2004

is the new arms race a cock fight?

(couldn't resist)


Draft Registration

it's a joke, but it's effective

and last (but not least) Foolish People linked to me :)

Bush, Kerry: Blood Brotherz to the Core | DGT, by m'bwebe aka jehvon buckner

DGT has a great piece on this... here's a sample:
On the upper echelonz of power, above the CEOs and COOs – I’m talkin’ ‘bout the Board and the Financial investorz who are the backbone of these companies – there is an allegiance between these parties to “share” the wealth. As long as they can maintain control of the diverse choices conveyed to the masses as competition (KFC, Popeye’s Chicken, WalMart, Target, etc.), they win. This is about winnin’ regardless of who’s “on top.”

Case in point. Last presidential election, many felt Al Gore was stripped of his chance to be president. His competition being George W. Bush, Jr. (Skull&Bones class of 1968), in most eyes won because of his father George, Sr. Whether true or not is not the point, the point is regardless, if it were Bush or Gore BOTH were memberz of the same elite 2nd chapter of the Illuminati, Skull&Bones located at Yale University.

Flash forward 4 yearz later, anutha so-called election is upon us and the masses have been duped again to believe they have a say in who the next elect will be. As big a sham the last one was, the drama was not authentic. The Trilateral Commission have been choosing this country’s president at least since the dayz of Woodrow Wilson. Make no mistake about it, the Trilat’s have not shunned from countless reports that have proven their selection of the president yearz before the next election...

Kerry told his friends about a picture taken yearz before in the Senate president's chamberz with then-Vice President George H.W. Bush, the late Rhode Island Republican Sen. John H. Chafee and then-Sen. David L. Boren, an Oklahoma Democrat. According to a fellow Bonesman, Kerry had the photograph snapped because all four power brokerz were in Bones.

"John has been one of the major conveners" of his Skull & Bones group, sayz Dr. Alan Cross, a Bonesman with Kerry and now a
professor of social medicine and pediatrics in the school of medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Cross says his friend enjoyz their shared past, planning reunionz with a mellow, rich atmosphere: "A bunch of us [Bonesmen] had dinner at his house in Boston four years ago at his birthday party. We had a great time – nice wine, good food, good companionship, pretty house."

Four yearz ago, classmates say, Kerry confided to his Bones brothers that should Bush become president, he would challenge him in 2004. A victory in the presidential election would be the fulfillment of a goal that Kerry had been telling his friends about since college.
Classmates say Kerry was tapped for Skull and Bones largely because of his prominence as head of Yale's political union and his near-perfect record as a member of Yale's debate team, whose discussion topics included not just politics but also lighter subjects – like why "a woman is just a woman but a good cigar is a great smoke."

creepy. you can smell the alex jones

FDA Panel Backs Implant To Counter Depression
Using a technique known as vagus nerve stimulation, the device uses electrodes implanted in the neck to activate brain regions that are believed to regulate mood....

The verdict by the advisory panel came after FDA scientists and some panel members argued the data presented by the manufacturer to show the device works were not convincing.

The agency is not required to follow the guidance of its advisory committee but usually does.

The device has been used in the United States since 1997 to control epileptic seizures. The manufacturer, Cyberonics Inc. of Houston, hopes to expand its market...


even creepier: the reuters article doesn't mention that Cyberonics Inc. is out of Houston. It does, however, say this:
Analysts say the chronic depression market could be as much as 10 times larger than the one for epilepsy.
The article also goes on to describe what one FDA member called "annoying side effects:"
In one group of 342 patients studied, 68 percent suffered voice problems while another 29 percent reported coughing. Other reactions included breathing difficulties and heart problems, studies showed.
FDA staff also told the panel the number of suicides or attempted suicides were "enough to make us concerned." In the same 324 patients, 3.5 percent tried to kill themselves.
not that pills are any better

Homeless Challenge Public Drinking Law

If the rich and powerful can drink in a public park in the weeks before next year's Super Bowl, why can't the homeless do it now? That is the question the lawyer for three homeless men is raising in a court challenge over their arrest for drinking in a park that will be part of a designated party zone before the Super Bowl.

Trash Sex Magic by Jennifer Stevenson

is now available pushed back til July 1st. I really really liked it when I read the ARC.

Tuesday, 15 June 2004

The Alphabet Synthesis Machine - by Golan Levin, with Jonathan Feinberg and Cassidy Curtis

The Alphabet Synthesis Machine is an aid to explorers of the liminal territory between familiarity and chaos. An interactive Java applet, the Machine invites you to evolve the letterforms of a personalized "alien alphabet": the possible writing system of your own imaginary civilization.

The Machine runs best on a Windows PC in IE5+. Macintosh users are strongly encouraged to download the latest MRJ from Apple. The machine can generate PC-formatted TrueType fonts of your alphabets
this is really freaking cool. i'm sure y'all can figure a decent use for this somewhere in yer various systems

my only complaint is that in designing the initial seed glyph you only get one shot. Each time you click the seed glyph window it starts from scratch.

Maximus Illuminati - a victim raped by Paypal

March 4, 2004 -- PayPal Inc. an eBay owned company is being sued by Maximus Illuminati a.k.a. MyStockForum.Com for fraudulently suspension of PayPal account with close to $8000.00 in it. But Mr. Illuminati is only one of hundreds of thousands of people who have been and are being victimized by PayPal. PayPal has admitted that they freeze about 2000 accounts per day.
check out Maximus' site tracking his lawsuit at

Monday, 14 June 2004

Regarding the film adaptation of A Scanner Darkly

A Note from the Philip K. Dick Trust
June 12, 2004 - As many of you have already heard, A Scanner Darkly is being adapted for film, and we are happy to finally share details about it. This project is very exciting for us -- not only because of the caliber of talent behind it, but because we believe that it will be the very first faithful adaptation of a Philip K. Dick story.
with pictures.

(this is the one, I can feel it.)

Implanted Brain Grid Reads Minds |

The grid, studied by researchers at Washington University in St. Louis, uses electrocorticographic (ECoG) activity rather than electroencephalographic (EEG) activity, the latter of which is commonly used to study the brain.

This gives it a higher resolution and broader bandwidth, allowing for faster and more accurate mind reading....

While better than EEG in many ways, ECoG requires taking data invasively directly from the brain.

Leuthardt and colleagues therefore tested the system on four people with epilepsy who had ECoG implants so that doctors could find brain regions responsible for their seizures...

The researchers say that the system is faster to learn than those using EEG.

"It takes many months to train using EEG, whereas our approach was done basically in an hour or so," says Moran. "That's because we got the signals from the surface of the brain rather than having to go through the skull."

BAE SYSTEMS Receives $35 Million For HAARP Program

The Office of Naval Research has awarded BAE Systems a $35.4 million contract to manufacture 132 high frequency (HF) transmitters for installation in the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program's (HAARP) phased array antenna system. The contract was finalized April 19 with BAE Systems Information & Electronic Warfare Systems in Washington, D.C.
i'm betting Haiti was a successful test then...

public works productions

*update shortly*

looking up a band called the Tape Beatles

TransVision 2004 (via Sauceruney)

About TransVision 2004
TransVision 2004 seeks to capture and highlight these trends by bringing together a wide array of transhumanist thinkers, artists, scientists and ethicists. In a celebration and investigation of the new culture, TV04 will provide captivating and avant-garde performance art and exhibitions, in concert with academic discussions, debates and presentations.

(incidentally, I submitted the final cut of DrBpoaIC as a musical composition a few moments ago, on sauceruney's advice)


heck, check out die puny humans. lots of indie musicians getting links this week!

v' cool

Properties of 17

It is mainly in the Chi'ism (and, because of its influence, in the Turkish epico-religious literature in Anatolia) that a quasi-magical importance is given to the number 17... From the ancient times, the Chi'ist mystics had venerated the number 17; this veneration has its origins in the ancient Pythagorean speculations lying on the letters in the Greek alphabet... 17 represented the number of those who would rise from the dead and each one of those people was to receive one of the 17 letters of the alphabet, making up the highest name of God, which is certainly related to the blade of the Star, arcanum 17 in the Tarot game whose symbolism evokes mutation, rebirth, and which Dr Allendy considers to be Karmic Liberation (alln, 364). Moreover, according to The Book of the Balance by Gâbir ibn Hayyân, an alchemist and a soufi, the shape (sura) of every thing in the world is 17; 17 is the very basis of the theory of the Balance and must be regarded as the canon of the equilibrium of every thing.

The number 17 has a particular importance in the tradition of the trade guilds which acknowledge 17 journey men initiated by Alî, 17 patrons of those who founded the muslim guilds initiated by Selmân-i Fârsî, and 17 main guilds (meln, 455 s.).

To the ancient Greeks, 17 represents the number of consonants in the alphabet, with 9 silent consonants and 8 semi-vowels or semi-consonants. These numbers were also tightly linked with musical theory and the harmony of the spheres.

We previously wrote that 17 was 9+8 and 72 was 9×8; furthermore when adding the digits of these numbers, we get 8 for 17, and 9 for 72. The 9:8 ratio is endlessly recurrent in the ancient Greeks' arithmological speculations, whether in grammar, music (the 9:8 ratio being represented by the middle strings of the lyre), metric theory or cosmology.

This number may have been regarded as ill-fated in Roman Ancient Times because its figures XVII are the same as VIXI, meaning "I lived".
via cliff pickover's reality carnival

pentagon changing plans around the world

If the new command is established, it would probably be headed by a four-star general and control U.S. forces based in Japan and Korea, except for those attached to the Korea-U.S. Combined Forces Command here.
"Officials have not determined the command relationship between the new command and the Pacific Command in Hawaii, which now directs American forces in Korea and Japan," the source said. But he added that it was probable that the current four-star rank of the head of the Combined Forces Command would be downgraded.
Another military source here said the Pentagon was changing its previous plans and would establish a Battle Simulation Center specializing in Northeast Asian situations in Japan. Until now, most experts thought that center would be located in Korea.
(who is attention & what does he want with my money?)

Friday, 11 June 2004


electronic antimusic noise sculpture
an artificial intelligence's view of culture
cut the lure and listen to theatre

changed my mind on the 33 tracks due to sudden illness & feverish vision. (ie. I exhausted my energy on this project, and re-arranged the tracks into their final configuration)

thanks to lefty for playing along

Tales from the Mental Hospital | Metafilter

and a few other interesting metafilter posts from the last few days:

wizard people, dear reader

Democracy...ummm - sometime ?

National Bolshevik Party's Combat Girlfriends.

"Alcohol makes fans fight. But cannabis smokers will be shaking hands and singing along together.”


Mailinator: "Its no signup, instant anti-spam service. Here is how it works: You are on the web, at a party, or talking to your favorite insurance salesman. Whereever you are, someone (or some webpage) asks for your email. You know if you give it, you'll be on their spam list. On the other hand, you do want at least one message from that person. The answer is to give them a mailinator address. You don't need to sign-up. You just make it up on the spot. "

Wednesday, 9 June 2004

Haiti and the insanity of ‘official’ denial

Paul Martin and his fellow Liberal coup-backers seized the Haiti opportunity to show their imperial masters that they could be relied upon to mercilessly help carry out a systematic program of destabilization. Canada also showed that it can help navigate the waters of a post-coup environment, as the government lies over and over until the lie becomes the truth. Haiti is just a warm up, as Canada is frantically beefing up its armed forces ($8 billion spent since December 2003) in order to get up to speed with the United States and to face the greatest threat of the 21st century, which, according to Martin, "is centred on terror cells" (speech at Gagetown, NB, April 14, 2004).

speaking of - i really wonder about haiti... I kinda think the storms were HAARP in retaliation for the voodoo attack on the administration.

oh sure it sounds silly to you now but give it a few years

How a month and a half on Paxil taught me to love being shy.

In retrospect, it was a bad idea to screw with my brain chemistry and possibly inflict lifelong damage just for the sake of experiment. I would not do something like this again. At the height of my withdrawal I was seriously terrified, thought it might never end, and repeatedly cursed my own stupidity. The fact that I considered a wholesale career change under the drug's effects, and couldn't complete any work, is alarming. Also, the zaps are for real. Fear them.
via technoccult

also: the paxil database

we, the people, are medicating ourselves into insanity :: a project of Stay Free! magazine

on an unrelated note, or maybe it's related, I don't know... is it possible to spread radical change through nonviolent terrorism? say jainist monks sitting perfectly still around a monument in silent protest, or hordes of hari krishnas depositing lilys at the steps of congress...

the yippie/fugs exorcism of the pentagon kinda thing, only today, with holograms, & smoke machines.

something so weird the neofascististic elements can't react to it, because it completely baffles them, & in so doing, triggers .. oh, I don't know.. a loathing for violence maybe?

can violent people be made nonviolent through nonviolent methods?

probably, otherwise why would there be laws regarding art?

**************update.. the artful dodge:

to clarify, I'm not advocating non-violence as a revolutionary tactic, I'm advocating non-violence as the revolution

Tuesday, 8 June 2004

bruce sterling's blog entry on alternative energy

lots and lots and lots of links... here's the ones that start with 'green'
Green@Work Magazine

Green Building Alliance

Green Business Letter

Green Design Network

Green Hotel Association

Greening Gotham

Green Money Journal

he goes on like that for a while.

Pension scheme to benefit from excess gold

More than 1,000 tons of gold have so far been sold, according to National Bank spokesman Roland Baumann.

He estimates that only 130 tons of the excess reserves will still be in the bank’s vaults at the end of the year.

Garelli says moves are being made in other countries, including in neighbouring France, to follow Switzerland’s example.

“Many governments have discovered that the central banking system has accumulated a lot of [gold] reserves which are actually not needed any more in the modern monetary system,” he said.

Ugly Shyla's Ugly Art

known as svens vintage on ebay, she's got two dolls up now for sale.
She is painted like she has body rot or rigor mortis,she had blind eyes and black painted sculptured hair.She has a black and gray painted dress on and black painted boots.On her left arm she has sores and some of her fingers are twisted metal wires.She is mounted on a wooden base.

bittorrent of PKD interview

via monkeyfilter
A friend loaned me a bunch of tapes, and one of them turned out to be an audio interview of Philip K. Dick, interviewed in his home. You can hear the television on and his kids playing in the background. Very relaxed and chatty.
not quite the dead sea scrolls but still


very very interesting stuff
kinda the missing link between Valis, The Divine Invasion, and Radio Free Albemuth there at the end.

& it's interesting to hear him react with paranoia at one point when the neighbor comes home.

this stuff is worth figuring out bittorrent if you're a dickhead wow that didn't come out right

Monday, 7 June 2004


i know, i know

i'll fix it when I wake back up.

nothing like rolling out of bed with only four hours of sleep to find the blog update didn't fix the problem


what gives? now it looks okay.

*grumble grumble css grumble*

I miss tables. I might go back to them

wtf is it? half-fox half-greyhound lookin critter... (picture)


(I'll update this with a pic later)


the anarchists are coming to town

June 30th- July 4th, A North American Convergence against Imperialism...

The W.A.R. Conference will be a gathering for anti-imperialists and anti-capitalists from across North America (and beyond!) to come together and create a four day convergence of discourse, critical analysis, education, skillsharing, and discussion on how to continue to build a movement for social justice and collective liberation.
The conference will be held at the University of Kansas, in co-ordination and conjunction with a day of action against U.S. Imperialism at Home and Abroad at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.
The W.A.R. Conference is being planned by some of same folks that helped to plan for the 2002 North American Anarchist Gathering that was held in Lawrence, Kansas. We hope to make this event as successful as the previous one, and also strive to make it better.
good folk. got their heart in the right place.

bigpha rmagla xosmit hkline merc kphizerbayer ..|.,

consequence of deliberate selective targeting of the serotonin system
First, SSRIs can compromise libido and sexual performance. This isn't always a disadvantage in over-excitable young males. It can still be a very distressing phenomenon for older people too embarrassed to talk about it. Technical performance difficulties can sometimes be counteracted by taking the blood vessel dilators apomorphine or phentolamine; the alpha2-adrenergic antagonist yohimbine; a phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitor like sildenafil (better known as the sexual rocket-fuel Viagra), long-acting tadalafil (Cialis) or newly licensed vardenafil (Levitra); or a dopamine agonist, licit or otherwise, before bedtime action. Investigational drugs that heighten female sexual arousal (e.g. melanocortin agonists like PT-141) are another option. Yet this is scarcely an ideal solution. One of the major signs of depression is loss of interest in sex and reduced libido. So it's questionable whether the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry should continue to promote serotonergic "antidepressants" that are anti-sexual; and collude to suppress antidepressants that are pro-sexual.

Second, though some subjects may feel mildly euphoric, in other users the SSRIs serve more as mood-stabilisers and -flatteners in their lives. By increasing the user's emotional self-sufficiency, too, SSRIs may subtly change the "balance of power" in personal relationships - for good or ill. In some cases, SSRIs may even act as thymoanaesthetisers which diminish the intensity of felt emotion; by contrast, a mood-brightening serotonin reuptake-enhancer like tianeptine may intensify emotion instead. Affective flattening may be welcome to someone in the pit of unmitigated clinical depression. It is scarcely a life-enriching property for "normal" people who lack any convenient diagnostic category which acknowledges their malaise.

& in human terms...

June 6, 2004
When drug companies hide data.

"The attorney general's civil suit accuses the drug giant GlaxoSmithKline of committing fraud by concealing negative information about Paxil, a drug used to treat depression. The suit says that the company conducted five clinical trials of Paxil in adolescents and children, yet published only one study whose mixed results it deemed positive. The company sat on two major studies for up to four years, although the results of one were divulged by a whistle-blower at a medical conference in 1999 and all of the studies were submitted to the Food and Drug Administration in 2002 when the company sought approval for new uses of Paxil. At that time it became apparent that Paxil was no more effective than a placebo in treating adolescent depression and might even provoke suicidal thoughts.

My Dad was on Paxil until 26 days ago..... that's when he shot himself.
posted by Lusy P Hur at 1:48 PM PST
drug war. wtf ever.

mark ryden

his artist statement is interesting:
My goal in art is to get passed literal conscious thought and try to let my uninhibited subconscious mind make my art. I can feel it when this is working. I have heard many artists describe the same feeling. Some think it is the hand of God using them as an instrument of creation. Some describe it as the creative energizing force that permeates all nature creating through them. It is like being helped by some unknown mysterious force, Anima Mundi, the Spirit of the Universe.

yeah, somedays I feel like my eyes are bleeding as well

Sunday, 6 June 2004 | Interviewing with the NSA

But one day I browsed through the sizable stack of Psychology texts. And then I saw it:

N E O A C N1 N2 n.. E1 E2 e.. O1 O2 o.. A1 A2 a.. C1 C2 c..

Very High
High x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
Very Low

It looked a lot like the type of picture I saw in the office. But what does it mean?

It was a graphical representation of something called the Five Factor Model of Personality. Whoa!! I stood there dumbfounded, as if I had suddenly acquired the power to converse with whales like Aquaman or read Sanskrit like... well, someone that reads Sanskrit. It was an “Ah-Ha!” moment, but not in the style of the similarly-named 80’s Euro-band with Fabulous Hair, this was actual understanding.


Each of the computerized test questions maps to one of the “Five Factors”: Neuroticism (N), Extraversion (E), Openness to Experience (O), Agreeableness (A), and Conscientiousness (C). Those are the bold N, E, O, A, C letters in the upper left-hand corner, and below each of these letters is the overall quasi-numerical ranking for that Factor. The rest of the letters across the top are the facets for each factor, called respectively N1, N2, E1, E2, etc. Below each facet is a data-point as well. It’s possible a percentage of the test questions are “chaff” and are not scored, however, the principle still remains the same. Specifically, the each test question maps to a facet within a Factor, and the overall Factor rating is based – I assume – on the average of the Factor’s facets.
more - specif. a useful grid.

the stainless steel rat says what?

speaking of books

everybody has a first website. I just stumbled across my own

I'd forgotten all abouit this.. it's amusing to me at least that my first website was a list of books I thought people should read.

book stuff

A History of Hacks and Pranks at MIT
Institute Historian T. F. Peterson

I Watched A Wild Hog Eat My Baby!: Tabloids and Their Cultural Impact
By Bill Sloan

Medicine Road #1
By Charles de Lint
Excerpt Available (79k PDF)
Illustrated by Charles Vess.

A Kayak Full of Ghosts
Eskimo Tales
collected and retold by Lawrence Millman
illustrated by Timothy White

Scottish Traveller Tales
Lives Shaped through Stories
By Donald Braid
the only full-length study that analyzes the stories of the Travelling People (tinkers)

Puppets, Masks, and Performing Objects

Edited by John Bell


and, for the whole host of just plain weird books: Eraserhead Press Catalogue

features stuff like
Teeth and Tongue Landscape
written by Carlton Mellick III, illustrated by Brian Doogan

In a world made out of meat, a socially-obsessive monophobic man finds himself to be the last human being on the face of the planet. Desperate for social interaction, he explores the landscape of flesh and blood, teeth and tongue, trying to befriend any strange creature or community that he comes across.


a novel by Kevin L. Donihe

"It illuminates. It demonizes. It pulls the strings of the puppets controlling the strangest of passion plays within a corporate structure. Everyone, every thing is a target of Mr. Donihe’s wit and off-kilter worldview . . . There are shades of Philip K. Dick’s wonderfully inventive The Divine Invasion (minus the lurid pop singer), trading up Zen Buddhism for unconscious Gnosticism. Malachi manifests where Elijah would stand revealed; and the Roald Dahl-like midgets hold the pink laser beam shining into our hero’s mind. Religion is lambasted under the scrutiny of Corporate money- crunchers, and nothing is what it seems." - From the introduction by Jeffrey A. Stadt.

Saturday, 5 June 2004

Friday, 4 June 2004


CHARLES: So where are you at?

KEVIN: I am in unit 9, cell 213.

CHARLES: But where?

KEVIN: Lexington. I am still in Lexington.

CHARLES: Well, just a minute. Let me go get your mom; she wants to talk to you.


KEVIN: Hey, Momma.

MARTHA: Kevin, I cannot believe this.

KEVIN: Wait. It’s not my fault.

MARTHA: We buried you today, boy.

KEVIN: I understand that. But that’s not my fault, though.

MARTHA: Whose fault is it?

KEVIN: It’s the people that work here!

MARTHA: Well, somebody’s in deep shit.

(in other news, ice t & hassel the hoff are not making a rap album

the beginning of the end? | metafilter debunks

# June 8-9 Dust Cloud begins to reach the Earth and darkening of the skies.
# June 18-20 1st impact
# June 24-25 2nd impact
# June 27-28 3rd impact of the "anomaly"
"...our sun's orbital velocity relative to galactic center is 19.4 km/s in the direction l(ii)=51 degrees, b(ii)=23 degrees from "local standard of rest"... I don't know what that is, I wish an astrophysicist or orbit specialist would come in here to help... the 23 degrees number bothers me, because 23 degrees is exactly the amount that the earth's North/South (rotational) axis is inclined to the plane of the Ecliptic; Aussie's rants swear loudly that the danger is coming from "DUE SOUTH" as observed in our sky from the ground. It seems somehow possible that our South Pole is currently pointing directly along the Sun's projected orbit in space?

Of course it's more than equally possible that a mad hoaxer seized on that 23 degrees number to spook me and others. ;)"
posted by zoogleplex
typical chicken little republicans... their administration starts to fall apart & they run around screaming "The Sky Is Falling!"


hoax. more obvious when you realize the initial reports mention grovers mill

what's missing?

R O ? A S
O P ? R A
? ? ? ? ?
A R ? P O
S A ? O R

(don't they know the evil's gonna gitmo done now?)

Thursday, 3 June 2004

Mohammed Bah ABBA---A True human scientist

"The innovative cooling system that Abba developed in 1995 consists of two earthenware pots of different diameters, one placed inside the other. The space between the two pots is filled with wet sand that is kept constantly moist, thereby keeping both pots damp. Fruit, vegetables and other items such as soft drinks are put in the smaller inner pot, which is covered with a damp cloth and left in a very dry, ventilated place. The phenomenon that occurs is based on a simple principle of physics: The water contained in the sand between the two pots evaporates towards the outer surface of the larger pot where the drier outside air is circulating. By virtue of the laws of thermodynamics, the evaporation process automatically causes a drop in temperature of several degrees, cooling the inner container, destroying harmful microorganisms and preserving the perishable foods inside.

Abba's first trials proved successful. Eggplants, for example, stayed fresh for 27 days instead of three, and tomatoes and peppers lasted for three weeks or more. African spinach, which usually spoils after a day, remained edible after 12 days in the Pot-in-Pot storage. "

ya'll oughta take a buttload of these to that crazy nevada shindig

using doodle for sigil work




citizen soldier
mass st. murder
truthcell = 5$

the bottleneck
june 9th, 8pm

Yale Alumni Donate $110M to University

"If the endowment is doing poorly and if we have all these graduates working on Wall Street, why not see what each class can do?.."

The fund had an extraordinary 37 percent compounded average annual rate of return.
ya don't say

from m

Food additives and hyperactivity -- widely reported around world, but not in U.S.

Various queries from turn up news stories from media outlets all over the globe, but only two from the U.S.: the Washington Times and WFIE, an Indiana NBC television affiliate.

Could the U.S. media be suppressing this information so as not to threaten their advertising revenue streams?
could it be? say it ain't so!


did you know that just about every major countries navy's will be at sea in June?

Fat Turned into Brain |

Adult stem cells from fat can be turned into fully functioning brain cells Adult stem cells from fat can be turned into fully functioning brain cells
According to the researchers, the findings open up new possibilities for the treatment of nervous system disorders and injuries.

"We are trying to think about human disease in a new way," says collaborator Jeffrey Gimble of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. "Everyone is used to the concept of surgical, medical or pharmacological approaches to the treatment of disease—we're looking at one of the next steps in biotechnology, which is using cellular therapies."
and then there's this:
Engineered Virus Makes Brain Cells Glow
"By creating viruses unable to follow their normal replication agenda, we can then harness the virus as an important research tool," says Yale researcher Anthony van den Pol. "Viruses with altered genetic codes also have substantial value for the potential treatment of a number of neurological diseases where a gene could be selectively targeted to one defective cell type."

obliquely related: pretty soon immortality will be a virus you can be infected with..

Wednesday, 2 June 2004

TemporaryAmericanZone.mp3 (click to play)

didn't blog tonight because I was 'in the studio'

used Hammerhead Studio and Audacity 1.2.x, along with clips from Skull and Bones: The Anglo-Saxon Ruling Elite, from Alan Ginsburg & Charles Bukowski, Hakim Bey, G. W. by way of Blacksmoke, and scott the white house press guy, to put together track# 3+2+2 for my concept album


I should have been asleep hours ago. instead:

Four dungowned
5 (V). Vise
3+3 tinfoilHat

all up as of now

Tuesday, 1 June 2004

Did Cheney Okay a Deal?

TIME has obtained an internal Pentagon e-mail sent by an Army Corps of Engineers official—whose name was blacked out by the Pentagon—that raises questions about Cheney's arm's-length policy toward his old employer. Dated March 5, 2003, the e-mail says "action" on a multibillion-dollar Halliburton contract was "coordinated" with Cheney's office. The e-mail says Douglas Feith, a high-ranking Pentagon hawk, got the "authority to execute RIO," or Restore Iraqi Oil, from his boss, who is Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz. RIO is one of several large contracts the U.S. awarded to Halliburton last year.

The e-mail says Feith approved arrangements for the contract "contingent on informing WH [White House] tomorrow. We anticipate no issues since action has been coordinated w VP's [Vice President's] office." Three days later, the Army Corps of Engineers gave Halliburton the contract, without seeking other bids.
I have to tell ya, I'm shocked. Outraged. How dare TIME stoop to such obvious slander!


Paranormal investigators get spirited reception from cell

...Barbara Jones, from Abercynon, South Wales, said yesterday they finished their vigil at 5am. She said the team of ten all believed "beyond any degree of doubt" that they had detected paranormal activity at the base. The hangman's cell was paranormally "very active," particularly below the hatch through which those hanged dropped.... Although they did not see any ghosts, they had "very good" photographic evidence, yet to be analysed, which had them "jumping up and down".

"It has been very interesting, and there are many areas on the base which my team would like to come back and help with," she added.

via Victorian Anomoly Research Group

Ballz Deep

The first thing I saw when Ballz Deep pulled up was a black Jaguar with "Lecompton Luvv" emblazoned across the darkly-tinted windshield. The door opened, and as I got in, I felt a moist rag clamp down on my mouth and nose. The last thing I remember was three gold teeth gleaming at me as I fell into a deep sleep.

When I came to my senses, I saw a "Welcome to Lecompton Sign" flash by the streaking car....
Since my first thought was of a split wig at the hands of Lecompton's most ruthless rap crew, imagine my surprise when M.C. Can O' Worms slipped a me a cold 40 oz. and a blunt the size of a lab rat. Over the next two hours -- deep in kind bud, free-flowing Cristal and bounteous lap dances -- I began to understand Ballz Deep.

"You wish you were in Ballz Deep," says Can O' Worms. "But you ain't."

And with those three words, I am once again only kneez deep. My heart fades as I am mercilessly shoved out onto the sidewalk, my fall cushioned only by a pocketful of used rubbers. With my research abruptly ended, I stumble back to Lawrence muttering obscenities, plotting my revenge...
(with two sample tracks)

no I didn't see the show


ain't safe for work, if you're considering downloading the tracks.