Saturday, 2 January 2010

Social Mining with PersonEngine «Public Individual

"The web presents us with the largest accumulation of knowledge and information within recorded history. The mass and complexity of this information makes it very difficult to accurately model what is happening in a way that allows us to anticipate the results of publishing new content. Early attempts at managing this complexity rely on “authority” measures such as page rank to filter out information leaving a more reasonably sized subset to analyze. While efficient and useful for displaying relevant results to users this authority measure does nothing to help us understand features of a publication’s content that enhance its effectiveness in capturing the attention of web users. We are still faced with a large degree of uncertainty when trying to define what content will be successful."

Google Sidewiki entry by Wes

this isn't surprising - the surprising bit is the deeper layers of this - at the time of writing this sidewiki, the long tail reaches all the way down to people I don't follow, but whom I once followed - like Neil Gaiman - who is an influence, no doubt about that. The Klout score is an interesting metric, to say the least

in reference to: Twitter / wes unruh: According to @klout, I'm i ... (view on Google Sidewiki)