Tuesday, 17 May 2005

The Dark Gods Library Project

from the site:

The Dark Gods Library Project is an effort to collect data on the historical, mythological, and practical aspects of deities which have been labeled “negative” by modern standards or socio-religious influence. The goal is to keep these entities in the public consciousness and to add to and modernize their place in our culture. These beings, ideas, or energies, depending on your perspective, spark the creative urge in our society and help promote the exploration of new ways of thinking and means of understanding. They also provide insight into the development of our cultural values.

The means we by which we propose to approach this task is communal. Highly intelligent and creative individuals have already invested hundreds of hours into the exploration of individual deities and their foundations, as well as having working knowledge of these energies in ritual and their daily lives. It is best then to turn to these experts for their opinion and understanding, as opposed to attempting to recreate their understanding on our own.

Friday, 13 May 2005

Freeman Perspective

Sunday at midnight (or monday morning at :01 am) Freeman Perspective on Austin, TX local access channel 16 will be focusing on the HAARP array

I mentioned this on KEY23 as well
hopefully some of you are in Austin and can check this out - Freeman is THEE most knowledgable individual I've sat down with over coffee, and his show is already garnering him some high-falutin' buzz

Thursday, 12 May 2005

The Book of Telling:Tracing the Secrets of My Father's Lives

by S. Muir (his daughter)

Bentov is best known for Stalking the Wild Pendulum : On the Mechanics of Consciousness

Itzhak Bentov occasionally told stories of his early days in Israel, but it was only after he died that Muir accidentally learned he had been a member of a top-secret group of scientists called Hemmed, which made weapons for Israel’s War of Independence.

Amazed by this discovery, Muir traveled to Israel to meet her father’s colleagues, a group of idealists–many of them refugees from Europe–who had been summoned by David Ben-Gurion to create weapons for a new nation. With the equivalent of $3,000, these young scientists set up shop in a rooftop shed in Tel Aviv, working day and night, falling asleep at their desks while still holding their pencils.

google query: Itzhak+Bentov+kundalini

Wednesday, 11 May 2005

random thoughtings

"Mental pollution, present in your own mind, guarantees dis-ease of life. Mental pollution in minds around you, however, can be more damaging to you - particularly, say, if you were a witch in the middle ages."
-Dr. C. Hyatt, Dr J. Willis, & Ben Mack, Black Book IV: Breaking Free

"The priests used to say that faith can move mountains and nobody believed them. Today the scientists say they can level mountains, and nobody doubts them."
-Joseph Campbell

"You're always building models: stone circles, cathedrals. Pipe-organs. Adding machines. I got no idea why I'm here now, you know that? But if the run goes off tonight, you'll have finally managed the real thing."
-William Gibson, Neuromancer

"I spent one whole day walking around Placentia, enjoying myself immensely. There was a beauty in the trash of the alleys which I had never noticed before; my vision now seemed sharpened, rather than impaired... I had an acute feeling that the animals always saw this way, always were aware of who and what had passed along the alleys ahead of them. I was seeing with the hypervision associated with them... It was not so much that I had been exalted upward from my animal nature to the realm of the transcendent; actually I seemed closer to the animal world, more tuned to actual matter."
-Philip K Dick, Radio Free Albemuth

"You can either trust your senses & accept that there's more to the world than what you can see, or you can play ostrich."
-Charles deLint, "The Invisibles"

"This model proposes that spirits have some of their origin in the human psyche, but also have an independant existence from the psyche. Spirits may be generated by an act of will, or unconsciously... Over time, they may become independant & have the appearance of sentience... a behavioral habit, addiction, or obsessing fantasy can be understood in terms of being a form of magical entity."
-Phil Hine

"Idealization is a hidden apotropaism; one idealizes whenever there is a secret fear to be exorcized. What is feared is the unconscious and its magical influence."
-Carl G. Jung, Psychological Aspects of the Mother Archetype

"Think of your desires as realities, the slogan of the French Student revolution of 1968, is the seed-mantra of the whole dope mystique and even appears, in different words, in so sober a scientific student of psychedelics as the gifted polymath Dr. John C. Lilly, who says in a passage worth quoting twice:
'in the province of the mind, what is believed to be true is true or becomes true, within limits to be found experientially and experimentally. These limits are further beliefs to be transcended. In the province of the mind there are no limits...'
"... what Dr. Lilly is saying is that the distinction between desire and reality can safely be ignored by the psychedelic experimenter. Whatever you trully believe you can do, you actually can do."
-Robert A. Wilson, Sex, Drugs, & Magick

"As anthropologists have long noted, every society gets a close approximation of the behaviors it expects from men and women. We have been told over and over again that 'you can't change human nature', but the study of emic realities shows, quite to the contrary, that almost anything can become 'human nature' if society defines it as such."
-Robert A. Wilson, Quantum Psychology

"...I find distractions useful because I have never lived a life where it is possible to eliminate them; therefore, I incorporate them."
-John Irving

"Fully imagined cultural futures were the luxury of another day, one in which 'now' was of some greater duration. For us, of course, things can change so abruptly, so violently, so profoundly, that futures like our grandparents have insufficient 'now' to stand on. We have no future because our present is too volatile."
-William Gibson, Pattern Recognition

"Earlier stages of consciousness seem to leave perceptible traces behind them."
-Carl G Jung

"There are Ways in which the Mind of a man is like unto an Eye, in that it can be used as a Lens to focus the powers that exist in the Spaces between the worlds. Indeed, the mind of any man can be used, when severed from the confining ties of the flesh and put into a state of trance as a weapon of great power. To the sorcerer who brings such a mind under his control, nothing is impossible, for he will be able to see into the farthest lands of the world by means of that mind's eye, and shall be able to inflict upon his enemies a vengeance of such type as will leave no slightest mark, but shall cause them to expire with fear and great terrors."
-Richard Tierney, "The Howler in the Dark"

"Two top theoretical physicists, Harold Puthoff and Russell Targ of the Stanford Research Institute, suggest that the hologram principle which has been demonstrated for space also operates in the same way for time. That just as each point in space contains information about the whole of space, so each moment in time holds information about all time. In other words, the present is a product not only of the past, but of the future as well.
"If this is true, then significant events disturb the area of space-time in which they occur and make waves which move out in all directions. And as memory of the past seems to be far more common than memory of the future, the waves probably move mainly forward in time. There is, however, a backlash, which is more or less apparent depending on the size of the event and your proximity to it. The 'signifigance' of an even would seem to be assessed by its relationship to individual consciousness. The effect of an event on space-time varies according to the number of individuals touched by it. And any one person's chances of experiencing the event in advance increase if it is dramatic, if it concerns them directly or harmfully, and if it is due to take place nearby and soon"
-Lyall Watson, Gifts of Unknown Things

"Events seem to be ordered into an ominous logic"
-T. Pychon, V.

"In every important advance the physicist finds that the fundamental laws are simplified more and more as experimental research advances. He is astonished to notice how sublime order emerges from what appeared to be chaos. And this cannot be traced back to the workings of his own mind but is also due to a quality that is inherent in the world of perception."
-Albert Einstien, Where is Science Going