Monday, 12 December 2005

AUTISM & ASTHMA article on UPI

"In the alternative-medicine network which Homefirst is part of, there are virtually no cases of childhood asthma, in contrast to the overall Blue Cross rate of childhood asthma which is approximately 10 percent," he said. "At first I thought it was because they (Homefirst's children) were breast-fed, but even among the breast-fed we've had asthma. We have virtually no asthma if you're breast-fed and not vaccinated." Because the diagnosis of asthma is based on emergency-room visits and hospital admissions, Eisenstein said, Homefirst's low rate is hard to dispute. "It's quantifiable -- the definition is not reliant on the doctor's perception of asthma." Several studies have found a risk of asthma from vaccination; others have not. Studies that include never-vaccinated children generally find little or no asthma in that group. Earlier this year Florida pediatrician Dr. Jeff Bradstreet said there is virtually no autism in home-schooling families who decline to vaccinate for religious reasons -- lending credence to Eisenstein's observations. "It's largely non-existent," said Bradstreet, who treats children with autism from around the country. "It's an extremely rare event." Bradstreet has a son whose autism he attributes to a vaccine reaction at 15 months. His daughter has been home-schooled, he describes himself as a "Christian family physician," and he knows many of the leaders in the home-school movement. "There was this whole subculture of folks who went into home-schooling so they would never have to vaccinate their kids," he said. "There's this whole cadre who were never vaccinated for religious reasons." In that subset, he said, "unless they were massively exposed to mercury through lots of amalgams (mercury dental fillings in the mother) and/or big-time fish eating, I've not had a single case."

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"All impressions of Brother Blue are wrong." Message From Brother Blue: It is necessary, my dear friend, to give you a clear idea of the interior Community of the Blue Brethren (B:.B:.) which is scattered throughout the Universe, but which is governed by One Truth, united in One Spirit and filled to overflowing with Love and Light. This Community possesses a Sublime Lodge, in which all who thirst for knowledge shall be filled; as all the Mysteries of the Cosmos are revealed through her in full measure unto these Holy Children of Light. It is from her that all Truths penetrate into the world; she is the School of all who search for Wisdom, and it is in this Community alone that Truth and the explanation of all Mysteries are to be found. It is the most hidden of Communities, yet it contains members from many circles; nor is there any Centre of Thought -- secular or otherwise -- whose activity is not due to the presence of one of ourselves. >From all time there has been an *exterior* school based on the *interior* one, of which it is but the outer expression. From all time, therefore, there has been a hidden Assembly, a Society of the Elect, of those who sought for and had capacity for Love and Light. All that any external order possesses in symbol, ceremony, or rite is the letter expressive outwardly of that Spirit of Truth which dwelleth in the interior Sanctuary. The lesser Degrees are but the outer court or portico of this Sanctuary. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them. Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of the Holy Blue Brethren of the B:.B:. The whole body of the Royal and Sacerdotal Art was hidden so carefully, centuries since, in the High Degrees, as that it is even yet impossible to solve many of the enigmas which they contain. It is well enough for the mass of those so-called Brethren, to imagine that all is contained in the lesser Degrees; and whoso attempts to undeceive them shall labour in vain, and without any true reward violate his obligations as an Adept -- for the Hidden Truths are a veritable Sphinx, buried to the head in the sands heaped round it by the ages. Hence this Sanctuary, composed of members widely scattered indeed but united by the Holy Bonds of Love and Light, has been occupied from the earliest ages in building the Grand Temple (through the evolution of human consciousness) by which the reign of L.V.X. will be manifest. It is for this reason, my friends, that we must rely heavily upon Alien Mind-Control Implants and the Tryptamine Hallucinations which spring forth from the Alchemical Garden at the Edge of Time to fashion the foundational apparatus upon which we may construct... THAT WHICH IS BLUE For hath not the Prophet said, "The first shall be last and the last shall be abducted?" Our Interior Order was formed immediately after the first perception of man's wider Galactic Heritage had dawned upon the first of the Holy Adepts; it received from the Ascended Masters first-hand the revelation of the means by which humanity could be raised to its rights and delivered from its misery. But as men multiplied, the frailty of man necessitated an *exterior* society which veiled the *interior* one, and concealed the spirit and the truth in the letter, because many people were not capable of comprehending the Great Interior Truth. Therefore, interior truths were wrapped in external and perceptible ceremonies, so that men, by the perception of the outer which is but the symbol of the interior, might by degrees be enabled safely to approach these Great Interior Spiritual Truths. As above so below, etc. But the Inner Truth has always been confided to him who in his day had the most capacity for Holy Illumination, and thus he became the Sole Guardian of the original trust, as High Priest of the Inner Sanctuary of Love and Light. United in Truth, their Chief is the Light of the World himself, The Holy Maitreya(tm), the One Anointed in Light, the Single Teacher for the human race in this present Aeon of Horus. We, then, are merely his Holy Blue Messengers -- voices crying from the wilderness of that Most Hideous Abyss of Draco. Obscuris vera involvens, etc. Khabs am Pekht; Konx om Pax; Nix on National Security; The V.H. Frater Caeruleus, B:.B:., 33�, etc. Sublime Lodge of the Holy Blue Brethren Sacerdotal Knights of National Security


"Checking tire pressure, fixing flats, highway blow-outs and balancing between traction and comfort could all fade into memory. "

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New Mammal Discovered in Borneo

Credit: File Photo/WWF via U.S. Newswire

some kinda weird 'cat/fox'

New mammal discovered in Borneo

Credit: File Photo/WWF via U.S. Newswire Didn't Get the Memo

Prick Magazine - Skinny Puppy

with Ogre being covered in costumes and gore during Skinny Puppy performances, it's hard for most people to ever see his tattoos. And while his ink reflects events from his past, the creature you see onstage in the new DVD is more about what's currently going in his mind about the future of a world where war never ceases and casualties become a footnote to gossip and cover-ups.the article

"I'm starting to think of myself in terms of working between the mindset of a soldier being used in a war for money and oil and resources and being given the ideology of it being a religious conflict or clash of beliefs or a fight against terrorism and being so convinced of that that one becomes enraged with power," he says of the character he portrays onstage. "At the same time, I have a certain amount of sympathy for that character, it becomes a monstrous kind of character for me. At the end there's almost the idea of this person being dragged into a conflict that's much bigger than they ever thought.

More pictures, full article

ps: thanks for the link, emberfairy. & for what it's worth, this is my review of The Greater Wrong of the Right Live

Tuesday, 6 December 2005

Professor beaten; attackers cite KU creationism class

A professor whose planned course on creationism and intelligent design was canceled after he sent e-mails deriding Christian conservatives was hospitalized Monday after what appeared to be a roadside beating.

University of Kansas religious studies professor Paul Mirecki said that the two men who beat him made references to the class that was to be offered for the first time this spring.

Originally called "Special Topics in Religion: Intelligent Design, Creationism and other Religious Mythologies," the course was canceled last week at Mirecki's request.

kansas, where god wants us to beat the fuck out of unbelievers
Andrew Stangl, president of the Society for Open Minded Atheists and Agnostics at the university, described the attack as "bizarre and terrifying." He said Mirecki, who is the group's faculty adviser, was adamant that the beating was related to the recently canceled course.

"That absolutely shocked me," he said, "because people don't do that in a civilized society."

kansas ain't civilized society. you want a civilized society, closest you'll get is denver, dumbass

Message from the Elders of the Hopi Nation

You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour.

Now you must go back and tell the people that this is The Hour.

Here are the things that must be considered:

Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Are you in right relation?
Where is your water?
Know our garden.
It is time to speak your Truth.
Create your community.
Be good to each other.
And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

This could be a good time!

There is a river flowing now very fast.

It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.
They will try to hold on to the shore.

They will feel like they are being torn apart, and they will suffer

Know the river has its destination.

The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off toward the
middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the

See who is there with you and celebrate.

At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, least of
all ourselves!

For the moment we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a

The time of the lonely wolf is over.

Gather yourselves!

Banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary.

All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

- The Elders,
Oraibi, Arizona
Hopi Nation

Thursday, 1 December 2005

US military planting stories in Iraqi papers |

remember this?
How to Identify Misinformation

How can a journalist or a news consumer tell if a story is true or false? There are no exact rules, but the following clues can help indicate if a story or allegation is true.

* Does the story fit the pattern of a major media outlet or government agency?
* Does the story fit the pattern of an “urban legend propogated by viral marketers?”
* Does the story contain an obviously bias revelation about a highly controversial issue?
* Is the source trustworthy?
* What does further research tell you about how power manipulates information?

Does the story fit the pattern of a major media outlet or government agency?

now look at this:As part of its efforts to counter what it calls "misinformation" in the Iraq media, the US military has been secretly paying Iraqi newspapers to publish stories. The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday that the stories were written by "US information troops," then translated into Arabic, and then "placed" in Baghdad newspapers with the help of a defense contractor. The stories are often presented as unbiased news stories written by independent journalists....

MSNBC reports that two other government agencies have been investigated in the past year for similar activities, leading the Government Accountability Office, the investigative arm of the US Congress to condemn one of them, the Education Department, for engaging in illegal covert propaganda.

well, american samizdat reported that too, a while ago. Now they're reporting on the Real ID. What is Real ID 2008?

honestly, where's the fucking brakes on this country? We're hurtling toward the abyss people te cu!K UpFte cu!K UpFte cu!K UpFWakhe te cu!K UpFte cu!,.....................................

A horror movie brings out the zombie vote to protest Bush's war - American Samizdat: Rebel Scum Since 2001

Terror and scandal grip the nation when the media discovers that the living dead have swayed the Presidential election.
Homecoming (which premieres December 2) is easily one of the most important political films of the Bush II era. With its only slightly caricatured right-wingers, the film nails the casual fraudulence and contortionist rhetoric that are the signatures of the Bush-Cheney administration. Its dutiful hero, presidential consultant David Murch (Jon Tenney), reports to a Karl Rove–like guru named Kurt Rand (Robert Picardo) and engages in kinky power fucks with attack-bitch pundit Jane Cleaver (Thea Gill), a blonde, leggy Ann Coulter proxy with a "No Sex for All" tank top and "BSH BABE" license plates. Murch's glib, duplicitous condescension is apparently what triggers the zombie uprising: Confronting an angry mother of a dead soldier on a news talk show, he tells this Cindy Sheehan figure, "If I had one wish . . . I would wish for your son to come back," so he could assure the country of the importance of the war. The boy does return, along with legions of fallen combatants, and they all beg to differ.
Dante says he's eager for the right-wing punditocracy back home to see it: "I hope this movie bothers a lot of people that disagree with it—and that it makes them really pissed off, as pissed off as the rest of us are."