Saturday, 29 August 2009

test... testing..


Sunday, 23 August 2009

“‘You don’t need to build the useful molecules–you can actually have them self-reproduce–you can grow them.’”

Sloppy Unruh is part of an ongoing media art project involving a number of text machines tied to my digital shadow.

Most of this is experimentation, both with the infictive current and the application of new media tools. What appears broken is often there by design, and everything is perpetually accreted while also being adapted forward to new design.. a perpetual problematic addendum, if you will.

As such much is left for the reader to discover, while these are merely dangling threads (flypaper, even) left to draw spiders.

At the same time I've stumbled across a number of useful tricks and tools, while also noticing a couple traps in the trade to avoid along the way, so I babble about that frequently now more than ever.

1. You should have at least two, preferably three twitter accounts you can sign into and back out of before bothering with

2. You should have a couple hundred followers before toying with

3. You should have an installed wordpress blog on your own server before using

4. You should utilize and donate time and money to on a regular and frequent basis... and lastly, perhaps most important of all:

5. You should tie all your twitter account rss feeds through and rely on Twitter to become a part of your larger web presence cloud.

the twerperati can follow me as I tinker with for a while by keeping an eye on @wesunruh - @zenwerewolf - @sloppyunruh - @philipknixon (also, james, joe and I all push content through @alterati on a regular basis, you might add that to your lists of follows).

Friday, 7 August 2009

really? You're going with whiteface?

the implicit and explicit racism is made manifest. Expect violence, cannibalism, and bloodletting before this chapter is over