Saturday, 31 July 2010

What is TarotBot?

What is TarotBot?: "TarotBot is an open source framework for tarot readings on Android devices with switchable card decks and interpretations."

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Two Bills Authored By Rep. Kilroy Continue To Move Towards Becoming Law

Progress Ohio | Dave Harding's Blog:
"On the coattails of the Wall Street Reform bill, Kilroy’s Lobbying Disclosure Enhancement Act (H.R. 5751) would establish a Task Force to bolster enforcement of rules for federal lobbyists and special interest groups. The bill passed the House unanimously by voice vote today and is on its way to the Senate. “When Americans on Main Street try to cheat or break the law, there are repercussions; but for years, there was no way to hold lobbyists accountable for games they play with their disclosures,” said Kilroy. “The Lobbying Disclosure Enhancement Act establishes a task force that will go after lobbyists who engage in shoddy reporting practices and hide behind ignorance of the law.” The Lobbying Disclosure Enhancement Act directs the Attorney General to establish a task force with the ability to investigate and prosecute cases referred to the U.S. Attorney’s office for D.C. under the existing Lobbying Disclosure Act."

How To Unfollow On Twitter With Class by Neal Wiser (@nealwiser)

How To Unfollow On Twitter With Class: "Sometimes in life (and Twitter), you just got to cut your losses and start over."

For Mass/Bulk Unfollowing:

For Backing up Twitter Accounts:

Resources about “Following”

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Oregon faith-healing parents fight to get baby back, face criminal charges
"A Beavercreek couple who left their infant daughter's fate to God rather than seek medical treatment for a mass that grew over her left eye will face charges of first-degree criminal mistreatment. Prosecutors revealed Thursday during a custody hearing that a grand jury has indicted Timothy and Rebecca Wyland, members of Oregon City's Followers of Christ church."

Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue:
"Connect with other people who like the same things as you, find interesting bloggers to follow, or unearth a cool new business in your home town! This Internet thing is pretty useful, you know, and Empire Avenue helps you find the people and businesses that are relevant to you."

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


there both are and are not
and it is obvious

and there are both those and they aren't

they don't can't won't
betwixt and between, bell, book and candle gleam
a shadowy presence, felt but deceived - left

and in leaving, ceases to be: a figure
obvious, in its passing - a dream
left glimpsed by in between eyes, faces surprised

to learn better. We are thoughts, concretized - brought
from the lies, to a space where the world can be solid

and while though squalid, the worlds
we've demolished in two hours drinking
critiqueing and calling - paint faces on beings,
seme intro to seeking, grant tutor and pupil both byways to chunnel
deeper the funnel, past square compass and circle, and media
must be moving
to capture

There in the wild, the folklore is mild,
no obvious symbols for unfettered narrative to adhere
but queer, still, outlier to deny, it is cadence in pace with one's steps..

demand papers at border, defend these the warriors
and boot knife to eyelid we stand - faceless the machinations caste
racial divisions deeper thoughtless the reasons our flag would demand

still roll back the shelter, and fill up the cupboard, and plot
each new gravesite with combat unmanned - drone skyline with lasers
burn pilots from sensors, klaxons and sirens to man battle stations
seven rays and council of nine bring round in full time the true layered in fiction
outside of the mind

this is not a plot of inception
waylaid all things are thought once and will be again
tragic the narrative where the created meets the creator and does nothing
tragic still the dance of the created to the narrator's demands

the curator presented with a fragment
uncovers the whole - and exposure, though thought naught but rot,
leaves fall, and there a pearl forgot

a magnet - called, called hard, and sought
most precious - things designed to last
to gracefully degrade
leave texture

in it's wake

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

U.S. Allows BP to Keep Gulf Oil Well Closed for Another Day -

U.S. Allows BP to Keep Gulf Oil Well Closed for Another Day - "On Monday morning, BP and the government said scientists had determined that methane gas seeping from the seafloor nearly two miles from the well was a natural occurrence and not related to a pressure test to assess the well’s condition. The test was extended to a fifth day on Monday." short code EAVB_CQJTZXVTKN