Thursday, 30 September 2004

Hyperdimensional Hurricanes, Part One: The Mystery

lots of photos - same stellar conviction one expects from the enterprise mission
If hurricanes above a certain rotational wind velocity (>155 mph – Category 5 -- on the Saffir-Simpson scale) could exhibit the obvious “hyperdimensional signatures” officially now recorded in Isabel (and according to MSNBC, in Ivan a year later) -- what would the geological effects be in their vicinity? Could the approach of such a vast, rapidly rotating atmospheric system create “seismic side-effects” underground in already weak formations ... through the same “hyperdimensional energy influx” which formed (in our hypothesis) the water vapor “signature geometry” seen in Isabel’s and Ivan’s clouds ..!?
Continued in Part Two

Wednesday, 29 September 2004

Psychic seeks mayor's ghost inside Masonic Temple

Lights blazed in several rooms while cameras, monitors, and other equipment were assembled on three tables. At first glance, the scene appeared more like a low-budget movie set than a ghost hunt. ...
Chips of plaster and drywall crackle underfoot and stacked old chairs and couches form dark shapes against the walls. Almost every room possesses a unique fireplace and several foggy, distorted mirrors.

good long article of entire event

Waking Life

excellent site from a fan of the movie
This site is dedicated to one of the most thought-provoking films I have ever seen: an independent film written and directed by Richard Linklater called Waking Life. This film had a great impact on my life, and I honestly believe that it has the potential to greatly affect the open-minded viewer. Not only is it a revolutionary work of art visually, but the ideas expressed within it, along with the amazing soundtrack, elevate this film to a completely new level. What I've done here is presented the various philosophical discussions and characters that were in the film, and also put in some of my own thoughts and commentaries. However, simply presenting the dialogue cannot give you the full effect that actually seeing the film will give you. The visuals and audio, as well as the way the words are presented, are intrinsically tied together.


In 1975 Brinkley was struck by lightning and died on the way to the hospital, where doctors eventually managed to revive him.
During his "death" he had a very extensive Near Death Experience (NDE), in which he was taken to Heaven!-"the Crystal City" as he calls it in his book "Saved by the Light."
One of his experiences in Heaven was meeting 13 wise beings of light, who showed him 13 boxes in which they revealed the future of the World to him.
He saw how ethnic conflicts were increasing more and more and that the cities of Europe would be destroyed and that Europeans and all people in the World would turn into cannibals, eating their own fellowmen driven by hunger!
"Without words, he told me that everything I had just seen was in the future, but not necessarily cast in stone."

Shadowers - Shadow People, Ghosts and Ghost Photos, and other Paranormal Phenomenon

Who are the Shadow People?
Not much is known at this time. Maybe it is indeed our imagination or mythology gone astray. Maybe we're all seeing exactly what we think we're seeing – creatures moving through the shadows.

I've heard numerous stories and claims about the true identity of the shadow people. Are they ghosts? Aliens? Extradimensionals?

Stay tuned to this website because over the next few months, I'm going to be exploring this issue in depth.

also: some of the various forms that these Shadows come in. These are some of the shapes and sizes people, including myself (Heidi Hollis) have seen them in and are also referred to in the book The Secret War: The Heavens Speak Of The Battle that's mentioned on this site

Dream Tree .com

Welcome to The Dream Tree, an online resource center for people interested in dreams. At The Dream Tree, you can discover the latest dream news, explore the world of dreaming, learn about the role of dreams in history and culture, and connect with other dreamers worldwide -- to share dreams, to network, or to exchange ideas.

also: the nightmare project & dreamland homeland

the hyperreal has always been real cause we dream yo

Tuesday, 28 September 2004



interesting site - very industrial

seems to be a book involved somehow

Google Search: "skinny puppy" pro-test video "relinked to my own mirror"

the internet is soooooooo cool

(right click save as)

pro-test is one of my favorite tracks on tgwotr
as to the video
since i first heard the album figured there was an attempt to bring industrial face to face with hip hop

the album is a natural progression of the sounds both ohgr & ckey were developing, and i'm fairly bemused by the recoiling in horror some sp fans seem to be expressing online - perhaps they weren't following the solo careers of their 'favorite' musicians as closely as their fervor re: the 'new' direction sp has taken

anyway, the video as direct expression of face-off between the communities belies the greater message of unity through activism that is occuring, in part because of hyperituals like this video

(looking for politically active magicians? pay attention to these two)

Hallucinogenic Treatment of Neuro-Vascular Headaches

Early research was very successful before it was halted when these substances were pulled from the market and removed from research labs. This treatment offers hope to not only effectively treat ongoing cluster cycles, but to actually break those cycles and to stop future cycles from returning.
The treatment of cluster headaches with hallucinogens has been kept alive by a few doctors, researchers and most importantly, sufferers searching for a better treatment than exists on the market today. Outstanding results have been seen by many cluster headache sufferers and although clusters have been the major focus, early and current "research" shows equally effective results for related vascular headaches.

The purpose of this website and the information it holds, is to further research into the possible elimination of chronic, severe and life altering headache pain, through the use of hallucinogenic substances, which have proven to be more effective and less destructive to the human body, than traditional treatments.

a moment of silence

for forgotten new york and the coming great beasts

Monday, 27 September 2004

T. Thorn Coyle | Evolutionary Witchcraft

Moved to share her knowledge and power with the world of the potent and secretive Feri Tradition, T. Thorn Coyle has created an extraordinary book on her own evolutionary, and ever-evolving form of witchcraft. For the beginner and mature practitioner alike, Evolutionary Witchcraft is an unprecedented and comprehensive guide to the Craft.

We need to connect, to find the sacred in our lives right now, rather than on some future day of transcendence and redemption. In a time of global and environmental crises, a religion that firmly connects us to the earth is not only appealing, but crucial. In Evolutionary Witchcraft (Tarcher - Penguin hardcover/October 1, 2004), Coyle invites us to uncover the dignity of our souls, to connect with both the natural world and realms unseen to wholly embrace ourselves and see what emerges from that crucible of contradictions: strength, compassion, generosity, joy, darkness, and light. It calls us to our wild, magical core-the source to transform our selves and the world.

*new* Unquiet Mind *new*

free downloads at dmusic:

&if you feel like tipping... same tracks at mperia--these cost money to download:

Friday, 24 September 2004

post by email

this is a test email post

I'm curious how much html I can email
and thought I'd give it a test run. DPH, bartcop, and matt drudge are a few of the websites off the top of my head that I visit often enough to think of as I sit here in my gmail account writing this. oh, and linkdump
speaking of gmail I have a few invites left at the moment

Wednesday, 22 September 2004

Pro-Test -Skinny Puppy | video via

quicktime version here


SKINNY PUPPY DAY 2004 is a celebration of Skinny Puppy, their music and related bands featuring over 24 hours of music
- Songs By Skinny Puppy, Ohgr, cEVIN Key,
Download, Plateau, Tear Garden and
- Songs from EVERY official release
- Demos
- Remixes
- Unreleased Material
- Live songs from Recent and Past tours"
saturday 0ct 2

Tuesday, 21 September 2004

Key 23 | Magical Assault on Corporations

new article up - just finished it... I realize there’s no examples, Kitty & I’ve been busy and practical application (and thus corresponding ritual notes to share) hasn’t been possible as of yet.

.s.p.e.c.i.a.l.d.e.f.e.c.t.s. not for the faint of... um

well, heart I guess

via chapel perilous

human cells make morphine

To determine whether mammals are capable of synthesizing morphine, Zenk and colleagues grew human nerve and pancreas cells and then screened them for morphine, as well as known precursors of morphine, using labeled oxygen molecules.

All compounds were present and contained the labeled oxygen molecules, indicating that human cells were capable of producing morphine. Dietary origin or contamination can be ruled out, the researchers say, demonstrating that morphine can be synthesized not only in plants but also in human and animal cells.
black market nerve and pancreas cells harvesting opiates
(we're really close to a very sick, very wierd drug war)

If you don't like the way things are, how do you change it by voting for more of the same?

We could argue all day about whether Bush or Kerry is the "lesser evil." The fact is that they both support the war in Iraq. They both oppose gun rights. They both supported the PATRIOT Act. They both support the war on drugs. They both support confiscatory taxation. They both support ruinously high levels of spending, huge deficits and increasing debt.

It's hard to tell them apart on the real issues. They spend their time scrapping over "swing votes" in the gray area of the "center" -- which means, in practice, "how do I not make too many people too angry to vote for me?" That's no way to do politics...

If the current leadership continues in power, they'll continue their efforts to snuff out what remains of American freedom in the name of national security, health security, job security, social security. They're offering you the security state.
- Libertarian Party's US Presidential nominee, Michael Badnarik

Friday, 17 September 2004

Edinburgh Evening News - Top Stories - A nice day for a witch wedding

A COUPLE are set to tie the knot in Scotland’s first legal witch wedding. ..

The couple will both jump over a broomstick and have their hands bound together with a red cord during the 30-minute ceremony at the Temple of the Source Coven of the Blue Dragon in Niddry Street on September 21.

George Cameron, known as The Hermit, a Wicca witch and grand master of the Source Coven who will conduct the ceremony, said: "This is the most important event since the repeal of the Witchcraft Act in 1951.

bush hammered

quicktime .mov file

"...only in america would a guy like that even find work.."

if you haven't seen this, you outta - although it cuts off before you see w take a swig off the plastic cup he's holding

found on this fark forum about this picture

I'm part Water Pixie! | Metafilter

Maybe you wonder if sometimes you are part...something. Unicorn? Dragon? You, are one of the otherkin.

fairy congress | metafilter thread & fairy-faith & folklore | sacred texts

earlier otherkin mefi thread

Thursday, 16 September 2004

smugmug - udutaisboots' photo galleries

Udutai to my friends and customers. I am a bootmaker that specializes in re-enactment footwear for use in the SCA and other middle-ages recreation groups. I have been making boots and shoes for over ten years, and custom leatherwork for fifteen years. Here you will find some examples of my basic stock for the shelf at wars and events. I specialize in custom work.
here's the set of boots he made me

Article: Software bug raises spectre of 'JPEG of death' | New Scientist

Some experts blame the new threat on shoddy programming. "In a properly coded world, a graphic should not be able to infect your computer," says Graham Cluley, senior researcher with the UK-based anti-virus firm Sophos. "It should be impossible."

So far, no one is known to have exploited the flaw and Cluley says it is far from certain anyone will develop a computer virus based on it. But code designed to exploit the bug could appear on the internet soon, and this is often the first step towards the creation of a hacking tool or virus based on the flaw.

Alex Jones' Martial Law: Coming Soon

trailer for alex jones on the NYC/RNC events

meanwhile, cryptogon has a good link on the skull & bones society to a bbc radio show from earlier this week

also: Supersize your freedom fries

(John Kerry is a douchebag, but I'm voting for him anyway)

te tine in priza!

series of photos showing a group of guys capturing a massive snake

Friday, 10 September 2004

Bush/Kerry Bloodline via Anarchy & Lust

just a few of the links from the article:

baby loch ness monster?

PARTON residents are baffled by what has been described as a “mini Loch Ness Monster” washed up on their beach.

Joan Singleton, from Firth View was strolling on the foreshore near to where Lowca Beck flows out to sea when she came upon the “monster”...

Another Parton resident told The Whitehaven News: “It seems to have a seal’s body, the tail of a whale, fins on top and sides, but also claws and really sharp teeth.”

Thursday, 9 September 2004

technopaganism at PantheaCon

The reason I'm posting this here is that I'm also considering setting up a technopagan panel. The vast majority of the events at PantheaCon are from traditions that do not use modern tools, some of whom may have a distaste for such (many presentations are from nature-based or old-style hermetic type groups). I'd like to present some of the ideas that have come up in this forum, specifically the way various people here have integrated technology into their spiritual and/or occult practices.

In order to do this, I'll need several others to join me...

via magic(k) for the modern world's Journal

I'm not even going to say it

Wednesday, 8 September 2004

"the Perforating Mexicans"

Guardian Unlimited Film | News | In a secret Paris cavern, the real underground cinema
"A la découverte des souterrains de Paris".
"The whole thing ran off a professionally installed electricity system and there were at least three phone lines down there."

Three days later, when the police returned accompanied by experts from the French electricity board to see where the power was coming from, the phone and electricity lines had been cut and a note was lying in the middle of the floor: "Do not," it said, "try to find us."
via mefi

priory of sion? cocteau (the 23rd John) was a film buff & the priory of sion was an underground secret society

Tuesday, 7 September 2004

LVX23 on Burning Man

... the simple dialogue of destruction and creation
the understand that existence is a process of change between poles
never simply binary, black or white
always in flux, multidimensional and nonlinear..."
at Key23

Teddy Scares - Once Soft and Cuddly, Now Dead and Bloody.


Don't be frightened. I was once your friend. I played with you during the day and guarded you when you slept at night. When you were sick, I stayed by your side. When everyone was too busy, I was there for you. Time passed and you left me behind. I waited and waited for you to remember me as my insides rotted.
via madghoul

The Noise Machine | Metafilter

The Republican propaganda mill, a brief history It's bigger than Bush vs. Kerry. It's about billionaire funded thinktanks (AEI, Heritage) paying columnists to sit around and make stuff up or legitimize crackpot theories (blacks are genetically stupid, japanese internment was okay). Furthermore its about radio, internet, blogs, tv news and publishing houses working in concert to pummel memes onto the American public. When this stuff infects your culture and is no longer the domain of the loons but now as mainstream as apple pie and Wal-Mart, what do you do?

mefi link

Monday, 6 September 2004

It's time to stop the draft (before it starts)

As a recent article in the Fort Wayne News says "No one is going to allow re-instatement of the draft in a presidential election year. But the issue has been raised in both major political parties, so it's something we'd better start thinking about."

Yep. A flurry of recent articles ("Draft bill working its way through Congress," "A new, all-encompassing draft could arrive soon," "The ill wind of the draft," "A return to the military draft?") and a few politicians testing the waters ("Senior Republican lawmaker says US may need compulsory service to boost Iraq force") show that this indeed, is "something we better start thinking about." And pretty damn fast, too, before our sons (and daughters, this time) are shipped off to the latest war zone.

"Why Dodging the Draft Would Be Trickier Than You Think" points out that the state has "wised up" since the Vietnam era ... no college deferments, "smart borders" (in Dec., 2001, Canada and the US signed a "Smart Border Declaration," which, in addition to keeping terrorists out of America, could also be used to keep would-be draft dodgers in) and linking driver's license applications to SS registration.

also: top 25 censored stories of 2003-4

time travel

also: PBS | strange stuff explained

OrionGen of Arthur

The kids you conceived by taking cromagnon sperm into a human/reptilian cross Innana Niburu woman, to improve your gold mining slave holding, SUDDENLY HAS UPSTAGED YOU in the galactic worming squabble over who steers the stars.

fnord via mefi


? - german band

nice flash - can't hear the music though because I'm at work.

Friday, 3 September 2004

Mysterious signals from 1000 light years away |

In February 2003, astronomers involved in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) pointed the massive radio telescope in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, at around 200 sections of the sky...

The team has now finished analysing the data, and all the signals seem to have disappeared. Except one, which has got stronger...

it.. happens to be the best candidate yet for a contact by intelligent aliens in the nearly six-year history of the SETI@home project, which uses programs running as screensavers on millions of personal computers worldwide to sift through signals picked up by the Arecibo telescope...

Named SHGb02+14a, the signal has a frequency of about 1420 megahertz. This happens to be one of the main frequencies at which hydrogen, the most common element in the universe, readily absorbs and emits energy.

Some astronomers have argued that extraterrestrials trying to advertise their presence would be likely to transmit at this frequency, and SETI researchers conventionally scan this part of the radio spectrum.

SHGb02+14a seems to be coming from a point between the constellations Pisces and Aries, where there is no obvious star or planetary system within 1000 light years. And the transmission is very weak...

New York's Finest Sweep Up Streets | Metafilter

"..the pen will remain open indefinitely..."

As of this writing, during the RNC there have been 1,786 arrests. By way of contrast in Boston, the police arrested six protesters.

is anyone paying any fucking attention?

don't miss this, same page

Thursday, 2 September 2004

Unquiet Mind

there's more coming soon. currently working with the other members of citizen soldier to create a more werewolfy sound for a full length album

also Kitty Meow's now posting at key23

expect elements of raido kaos to reappear in UM along with fragments of the TEOWAWKI chapbook and the tragic strip

Police lead unidentified Lawrence anarchists into a waiting van

full story here

word on the street

saidtoomuch: What about all this talk about reinstating the draft if shrub gets reelected. Sending someone off to war, now that's a lot of control to have over a nineteen year old kid. Gun control, are you kidding me? Kids in the ghetto don't walk around with AR 15's to do some huntin. Without gun control reps. and dems. would be no better the waring muslims in the middle east.

What about the FBI being sicked on some local college kids political group? The FBI at your frontdoor, now thats intimidation. Dem's are the only one's throwing rocks. How about that tub of lard rush limbaugh attacking not only Lawrence but also Kansas just because people went down to support the dem nominee.

As far as Kerry's opinions on war are, that's exactly what they are an OPINION. At least he's been to war can't say that about shrub or any of his cronies. I don't want my hard earned tax dollars to taken by anybody, but they could at least stay in the US to benefit fellow Americans instead of spending hundreds of billions of dollars to rebuild a country we just destroyed (or lining shrub's oil buddies pockets).

and then this (pay attention, there's a quiz in Nov.)
Expect an escalating campaign to terrify the public with phony Code Orange and soon Red alerts, spiced with well-timed captures of wanted terrorists and highly publicized "successes" in stopping the most horrific attacks.

Expect an increasing attempt to brand anti-Bush protestors as mini-terrorists, using police and FBI provocateurs to instigate violence, as they did so often against the Black Panthers and Vietnam Anti-War Movement.

Expect a massive effort to keep as many as three million pro-Democratic Afro-Americans, Native Americans, and non-Cuban Hispanics from voting.

And expect, as well, a few quiet attempts to rewrite computer codes on touch-screen voting systems, switching occasional Kerry votes to Mr. Bush. In a closely contested state, a handful of stolen electronic ballots could rewrite the course of history.

Wednesday, 1 September 2004

MS- touch light

very cool kind of touch screen (um, kinda a long wmv download)

via this page

The Esoteric

okay - that's what's meant by the phrase "shit ton"

via CP

Betterhumans > Virus Surfs Nerves to Deliver Brain-healing Genes

"By injecting the virus into the body in a more accessible region, we can target other neurons deep within the central nervous system or minimize the damage to sensitive regions, which may be caused by the injection procedure."

retarded animal babies

not safe for uh..

well, it's in really bad taste.

there's ten of them

Article: Cloning from the dead claim attacked | New Scientist

Panayiotis Zavos, of the Kentucky Center for Reproductive Medicine, Lexington, US, say his team has shown that cells taken from humans after death could be used for cloning. This latest work is purely experimental and no embryos were implanted for cloning, said Zavos, announcing the results at his own press conference in London, UK.

However, the claims were immediately met with both revulsion and scepticism from the UK scientific community.

The work is “both scientifically questionable and ethically unacceptable”, says Richard Gardner of the UK Royal Society's working group on stem cell research and cloning. “It is grossly misleading to suggest that you can replicate a loved one by producing a cloned person with the same genetic material.”


secret murder committed by orders from sorcerers. The victim is waylaid, short posined thorns are inserted in to the base of his tongue, causing swelling and loss of speech. Then other thorns (usually from the wild sago plant) are pushed into vital organs, where they cause infection and eventual death.
More: Sanguma means different things in different areas, as shown below. It can be glossed in English as ‘witchcraft’ or ‘assault sorcery’.
I ran across an email correspondance which includes a deeper description of the linguistic roots.

and a tourist page for Papau New Guinea has this to say:
These sangumas are said to be humans during the day. But at night they posses another spirit that leaves the body behind in sleep. This evil spirit goes out into the night to hunt in the form of animals like dogs, pigs, cats, flying foxes or even in human form for human flesh.