Sunday, 15 October 2006

Politicians Try Out MySpace
"'He has some funny quotes and talks about himself' in the Web postings, says Mr. Lowe, a 24-year-old from Little Rock. 'I felt like I could understand him on a personal basis. It played into the decision of me not only voting, but giving money, too.'"
shit's blowing up.

Wednesday, 4 October 2006

Unruh effect

Unruh effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Unruh effect, which Unruh discovered in 1976, is the prediction that an accelerating observer will observe black-body radiation where an inertial observer would observe none. In other words, the accelerating observer will find herself in a warm background. The quantum state which is seen as ground state for observers in inertial systems is seen as a thermodynamic equilibrium for the uniformly accelerated observer. The Unruh effect therefore means that the very notion of vacuum depends on the path of the observer through spacetime.
I don't know that I'm related to Bill Unruh... or Doktor Kurt Unruh von Steinplatz for that matter.