Friday, 23 April 2004

fravia's reality cracking labs

An Essay Attempting to Justify the Relationship Between Code Cracking and Reality Cracking
(Why is Reality Cracking Important?)
by Curious George

The particular set of events that we experience over our lifetimes shapes what we see in the world. There are commonalities however.
They are large reality models that whole nations subscribe to. There are different models. Some conflict with each other. All are subsets of the true Reality. We must crack reality.

How to (try to) see some light through the Slavemasters' smoke

     A long time ago I started to call myself a reality pirate. it's a decent enough term, & my seal (up there next to the title of this page) was a direct result of that particular identification - anyway, that's when I first started thinking of the universe as being hackable, partly because everything mystical I read said the universe was made of language (even the bible - in the begining was the word, & the word was with god, & the word was a god. (john 1:1-3(?)) Then there's the quantum mechanical view of the universe, and even if you realize that the whole 'ong's hat' thing is a complete and total snowjob (frank & althea dobbs?) you begin to see that perception does affect change in the environment. It started with me reading 'The Holographic Universe' by Michael Talbot,

BOB The Microwave Oven
'De-branding our environment'
by Finn61

I was tidying up when my wife came into the room and stuck some adhesive tape over the brand name. On the tape she had written in colourful letters "BOB". We had just de-branded our first household item.

Having a distaste for intrusive advertising and marketing, this de-branding appealed to me. Most Reality Crackers have read the now famous Supermarket essay by +ORC. Like many others I must pay homage to this essay for inspiring me to really think about the calculated way in which the world around us is constructed. It may appear haphazard, but often it is not.

Nobody asks for email spam in their inbox. Why should you accept spam in your house?

& as I considered the possible ramifications, I started pondering how to go about channeling this knowledge - how do you affect change slowly, over time, that it remain organic and not throw off one's equilibrium? (I guess this is something of a taoist approach to magick) One way is an awareness of psychological space - or rather a combination of feng shui and deliberate removal of any memeticly active material

     by removing memetically active material I mean reducing the level of "visionary" noise, as SvD puts it. muckin about with my scattered abstract terminology isn't helping anyone though, so that's why these articles are such an awesome find. really just as simple as cleaning out all the company logos that fill your environment -{adbusters black spot is another approach}- to as complex as deliberate introduction of entropy and noise, reclaiming the systems of control through propaganda reversing.

good stuff. & if this isn't magick I'll eat my conical hat

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