Sunday, 25 April 2004

Mindscapes and Internet-Mediated Communication: JCMC 7 Issue 3

Mindscapes and Internet-Mediated Communication: JCMC 7 Issue 3: ". Any given system of linguistic symbols, however, will have limited expressibility and it is debatable whether a smaller or larger vocabulary ultimately aids communication. Current initiatives, such as world dictionaries (e.g. Microsoft's joint venture with Longmans), and publishing policies (e.g. some Francophone journals' decisions to publish only in English henceforth) are, however, likely to ensure that English remains the main language of technology and business, as well as academic publishing. Such a process inevitably loses nuances specific to certain languages, and there is an analogous threat of extinction of traditional cultural norms of expression finding continuation in cyberspace, which is yet to be explored. "
RAW said somewhere that an irish writer I can't remember Finnegan saw english as a tool through which the british empire sought to extend its cultural arm - "language as imperialism"

(maybe I need to learn some other languages)

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