Tuesday, 27 April 2004

Strange confessions in Togo | Ghana fetish priests fail in bid to ‘kill’ Eyadema

The fetish priests said the two opposition leaders told them how several efforts made in the past by the opposition groups, materially, physically and spiritually to remove Eyadema from power had failed to work.

As a result, Togbui Soglohogah said the fetish priests agreed to the demand and prepared rituals by invoking the powers of their vodou or fetish grove to spiritually terminate the life of the Togolese leader.

Togbui Soglohogah confessed that the fetish grove fired deadly occult missiles to kill President Eyadema after which they buried him spiritually in a coffin.

While they eagerly awaited the physical death of their target, Togbui Soglohogah told pressmen that their own plight mysteriously turned into a nightmare.

He said that instead of the news about Eyadema’s death, their rituals boomeranged and backfired into the nightmare of fatalities in which their children began to die, strangely one after the other every other day.

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