Saturday, 15 May 2004

Ochosi, The Divine Hunter

his song

part of the orisha pantheon
To many, Ochosi represents those who work for the law enforcement and law makers in the new world. His home besides the forest are the jails. Therefore, many put Ochosi as the divine tracker with the police because they track down lawbreakers and place them in jails.... Ochosi shows us the fastest path to our destiny. source

a great resource here has an illustration of Ochosi, along with a number of other orishas

Messing with Haiti is what got JFK killed, & it was done with voodoo (so claimed my last sociology professor) & I believe the scandal erupting within this administration is a direct result of US involvement in Haiti & messing with cuba.. hell in cuba the houngans have line-of-site targeting on gitmo. Sure that may sound wierd, but look at today's orisha, compare it to the headlines in every newspaper in the world, and tell me there isn't a connection.

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