Sunday, 23 May 2004

Raido Kaos ep available

hail eris ye mamzer stonedmasonic popes, and set high that gleaming beacon of insufficient data. this should sound like a flushing away of administration's bullsh!t, a storm gathering to drive off the powers that be. only used media clips that are really really short or are public domain or that the parties involved will never seek to own up to their statements, in a few cases. & sculpted noise from the various instruments at my disposal. One track in particular (RumsFailed/FIRErumsfeld) was devised with the aide of the right Rev. t. Gabriel williams, of citizen soldier along with the Brawny Llama, kicking in beats and didjeridoo. comments are now fully open so let me know what you think. spam me with hate. linkbot me your porn. fire at will. water at dare? or earth? air at know? now? (okay, I'll shut up)

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