Friday, 21 May 2004

Robocops ready for England fans

English football fans heading to Euro 2004 were warned today they face a force of hi-tech "robocops".

Portuguese police have spent £8 million on an armoury to crush hooliganism at the tournament and will have on standby a rapid-reaction force of specially trained riot officers....

Officers have been issued with latest-generation technology including 45 frequency jammers capable of disabling mobile phones to prevent gang leaders organising fights.

robocop my arse what does having a frequency jammer hafta do with robocoping? what about cybercop? or automatonacop? how about this: cop. just freakin cop. it's a guy with body armor and too many different kinds of equipment to be able to react except as an extension of the microphone in his ear. & frequency jammers.

(imagine the chaos if the frequency jammers disrupted the cops own wavelength? or of the hooligans, having read the article, brought thier own emp device?)

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