Thursday, 20 May 2004

Slip Inside This House Lyrics

Slip Inside This House
by Tommy Hall and Rocky Erickson
The Thirteenth Floor Elevators
Aldous Huxley a long time ago in The Perennial Philosophy alerted us to the fact that in all times and places, in all kinds of societies, human beings persist in making what, for want of a better term, we can call the mystical breakthrough. Whenever and wherever it happens, the experience is always the same: unio mystica, the mystical union. When people try to communicate the experience, it comes out in different ways: the concise paradoxes of the Tao Te Ching, the enigmatic guideposts of the I Ching, Buddha's gentle nudges (so often since distorted by misguided followers), the pregnant symbolism of the kaballah, the vast and engulfing cosmology of Hinduism, the ecstatic outpouring of the various Christian mystics, the side- and mind-splitting anecdotes of Sufism, and so on.

The most recent visible outburst of this kind happened in the 1960s. Beneath the gaudy psychedelic surface, something had happened, was happening. One place it happened was in Austin, Texas. The Thirteenth Floor Elevators, a garage band of little distinction other than the presence of an electric jug, suddenly began singing a song called "Slip Inside This House," by Roky Erickson (the lead singer) and Tommy Hall (the jug player).
this song is excellent, & it needs to be remade by, like, angelic beings or some other mystical force. maybe andy kaufman.

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