Saturday, 1 May 2004


Hello and welcome to the seventh issue of SMILE, an international magazine devoted to the concrete adjustment of physical reality. The eighth issue of SMILE (available from Karen Eliot) contained a devastating critique of the Neoist Cultural ..., a critique so persuasive that it invalidated the last remnants of the once important Neoist movement. Because this issue of SMILE is directly conerned with Neoists and Neoism, we have chosen to give it the issue number 7. Our hope is that we will be remembered for our complex understanding of chronological practice and as having accepted the destruction of our movement from this obscure temporal angle. We will continue to be chronologically faithful to events 'as they occur,' and we are fully aware that this process will be of great help to future historians who will catalog Neoism along with all other impotent 'currents' of the century and perhaps those to come. This is our SMILE.
inside I found this gem:
To attack something is to justify it.
Revolt ends here.
Beyond Distopia: Text and Anti Text
fun stuff

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