Thursday, 20 May 2004

upcoming reasons to party

May 20. Ascension Day (Christian) / Mjollnir (Norse) Day to celebrate the Hammer of Thor / Plane that will land in Shangri-La takes off. (Lost Horizon)

May 21. Buddha's Day (South Korea) / Happy 2433rd Birthday Plato.

May 22. Immigrant Day (Canada) / Heroes Day (Sri Lanka) / First Reported sighting of the Lock Ness Monster (1933) Whom some say is not a real living creature but is instead a shape shifting phantom that was released due to the activities of Alister Crowley at his Scottish home of Boleskine on the shores of Lock Ness. / First reported sighting of Mister Roger's Neighborhood 1967. Not even the wildest conspiracy buffs say Crowley had anything to do with that.

May 23. Feast Day of Hermes Trismagistus (Hermes the thrice blessed) patron of alchemists. / Penny Day (U.S.)

May 24. Victoria Day (Canada) / National Escargot Day (U.S.)

May 25. In 1977 the film Star Wars is released and as there are now more people in England saying they are Jedi than there are people saying they are Jewish, Buddhist or Sikh I guess that makes this a religious holiday. / Shavuot (Jewish) Starts at Sundown.

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