Wednesday, 26 May 2004

U.S. Arrests Haitian Singer/Voodoo Priestess

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Relatives of Annette Auguste, the woman in question, say she did nothing unlawful. They also accuse Marines of using excessive force, including killing her two pet dogs and arresting and handcuffing her 5 year old grandson...

Auguste left Brooklyn and went back to Haiti 10 years ago, after the return of Aristide to power, who had been ousted in a coup several years before that time.

Auguste's ties to Aristide are at the heart of the allegations that the Haitian interim government have made against her.

In addition to being a folk singer, she is a Voodoo priestess with a large following among poor Haitians in New York and Haiti.
see here especially this:
At a press briefing on May 10, 2004, MIF CJTF Public Affairs officer Col. David Lapan reportedly said, in sum, when asked why such force was used to make this arrest, that in operations of this type it is necessary to use violence in order to show the individuals who are the objects of the operation that the MIF means business. Haitians who had any doubt as to the current status of Haitian sovereignty need no longer ask. The U.S. military, through Lt. Colonel David Lapan, have clearly implied that Haiti is under occupation, and wartime rules known only to U.S. officers. Although the curfew imposed on February 29, 2004 by the MIF has been lifted. By this action of May 10, 2004, it is reasonable to say, Haiti is under U.S. martial law while Ambassador Foley puts every word that comes out of U.S. puppet head, Mr. Latorture's month.

Annette Auguste is an elderly Haitian woman recovering from recent surgery. She is a well-known artist, a political and cultural activist, a mother and grandmother, whose life has been dedicated to the Lavalas Movement for democracy and development in Haiti. As a well-respected Haitian elder and community leader, her house is a meeting ground, as is the normal Haitian custom, for people to come and eat, gather, share news and solidarity. The Haitian Constitution guarantees Haitian citizens the right, not to be arrested or terrorized without due cause, especially it outlines no arrest warrants may be excised between 6pm and 6 am at night.
just guessing, but that sounds like we're at war with haiti. wtf is going on??

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