Friday, 30 April 2004

Welcome to Gmail

I figured something out! Apparently I can parse (ie figure out) up to three vocal tracks simultaneously if I sit still and concentrate - it's great exercise.. I did it mixing a bunch of tracks into one and squelching them and cut & pasting with audacity 1.2.0 pre1 - a great program if you're broke. Unfortunately, due to the laws of the land, I apparently can't keep these cds I've burned this thing off onto because of some obscure... well anyway the upshot of this is I have a number of cds I need destroyed. I'd be willing to ship them to any readers who need a little cash - I'll provide scratch paper (some poetry and artwork I need to get rid of) to use as fuel for a fire on which to melt these cds. & I'll pay you. That's right, anyone who sends me their snail mail address I'll send you a cd I need destroyed, a dollar bill to pay you for the act of destruction, and paper with which to do it. The only thing is I only need five cds destroyed, so I'm going to send these to the first five real people who email me at my spiffy *and possibly monitored* gmail account.

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