Thursday, 24 June 2004


some bubbles from the underground:take with salt

Project Extinction? (aids/cjd/superSARS/wnv)

Underground cities only admissable with national ID cards?

Giant Horned Owl building in texas + bohemian grove

note to alex jones - horned owl isn't moloch, moloch's a minotaur-looking brass idol with hands extended over a firey belly upon which kids were sacrificed. the owl's an avatar of Athena, or Metis, who is a reflection of Sophia, who manifests as Baphomet

pleiadians hosting photo-ops outside austin strip malls?

anyone have any clue what any of this could mean?

guy told me we got about 5 months before the schiznat hits that fan

we are living in a philip k dick novel


Eris wants us to remember the FutureHi entry for 5/32/4

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