Monday, 21 June 2004

MindVox: Last Exit for the Lost

Vox loves, believes in, and STANDS BEHIND all B-D products, which make hypodermic syringes that should ONLY be used for IM'ing insulin -- never, ever, anything else . . . at all. It chooses to disbelieve in the Secret, Hidden Network of Iranian Gas-Station Owners who are nearly always out of gas, change, or any food product that did not expire 3 years ago. They do, however, have a near-endless supply of baking soda and brillo, plus, also, not to be forgotten, Many Thousands of Mysterious Glass Tubes -- which the super-friendly worker will hand you through the bulletproof glass if he KNOWS you -- which could serve almost ANY purpose imaginable, but are definitely, without a doubt, and absolutely, NOT crackpipes.
I don't know, I just link to the stuff. Reminds me of h13

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