Wednesday, 21 July 2004

Nude Man Covered in Nacho Cheese Arrested

A man was arrested on his 23rd birthday after a police officer saw him nude and covered with nacho cheese from a pool snack bar.

In other newscandals, old lies:

HAL traded with Iran through front companies: Halliburton said its Cayman Islands subsidiary, Halliburton Products & Services Limited, has its headquarters in Dubai and is active only in Iran, where it provides a range of services to the state-run Iranian National Oil Company.
Members of Lautenberg's staff said his office has passed to the Treasury Department some documents that had been sent by NIOC's British arm, Kala, to Halliburton's subsidiary in 1997 and 1998 seeking bids for oil services work in Iran.
In addition to that subsidiary, Halliburton has three British-based units and a Swedish-based unit that conduct business with Iran, the company said.
The United States first imposed economic sanctions against Iran in 1979 after the Islamic revolution when student fundamentalists held 52 American hostages for 444 days. Those sanctions were tightened under Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, although some exemptions were granted in 2000.

More administrative lies perpetuated around the world: Downing Street has admitted to The Observer that repeated claims by Tony Blair that '400,000 bodies had been found in Iraqi mass graves' is untrue, and only about 5,000 corpses have so far been uncovered.

and in Iowa:

Federal prosecutors claim they built 35 terrorism-related cases in Iowa in the two years after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, but most of the defendants have questionable links to violent extremism...
Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen Patrick O'Meara, who heads the criminal division of the U.S. Attorney's Office in Des Moines, said the "anti-terrorism" label was used in the airport cases because the crimes were discovered as part of a specific initiative to snare potential terrorists.
He said the Justice Department directs prosecutors to assign credit for an arrest during a targeted terrorism operation, "even where the offense is not obviously a federal crime of terrorism."

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