Thursday, 19 August 2004

Falwell's university to add law school

The Rev. Jerry Falwell will open a law school this month in hopes of training a generation of attorneys that will fight for conservative causes.

"We want to infiltrate the culture with men and women of God who are skilled in the legal profession," Falwell said in a telephone interview yesterday with The Associated Press.

Infiltrate our culture with what? well, rapture theology of course:
Under the leadership of Jerry Falwell and other "rapture" advocates, the Moral Majority movement attracted the political involvement of tens of thousands of conservative pastors and churches never before in the political process, Jewett said...

Some rapture theology teaches that "the apocalyptic end of world history is predetermined by God in our time," Jewett noted. "Consequently, there is nothing we can do to avert it.

"In this view, peacemaking is both futile and sinful, and all efforts to promote international cooperation are inspired by Satan. Every compromise with our adversaries is viewed as a betrayal of divine trust. Every effort to achieve arms control and to reduce the danger of accidental nuclear wars is a sellout to the demonic powers.

"Similarly, efforts to deal with pollution or global warming are seen as futile and counterproductive [because the end is near]. While rapture advocates don't wish to promote a holocaust or a global ecological crisis, they are convinced God wills it and thus there is absolutely nothing humans can do to stop these dangers.

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