Thursday, 12 August 2004

science check

this passage of memwar could benefit from a fact check - anyone see anything blatantly wrong with the science?

& btw ..some idle thoughts

- haven't written in aeons now, except for poetry.

is fully underway and I've written pieces for that, but the novel is still lying in limbo for the moment. I did discover this, which is definately going to be mentioned in the book itself.

Plus, admittedly, I can't write much until after the election since it will influence the plot to a degree

& lastly - it's hard to spend as much time as normal online without an ISP. without wikipedia I can't do research at the house, and when I'm at work I'm theoretically supposed to be working. Writing a book requires that I center myself in a maelstrom of papers, lacquered and pinned to every inch of visible space. A clear channel is then brushed aside that I may come and go, a pot of coffee lovingly blended with espresso perched within easy pouring, and an array of meditative accessories, flowers, and industrial cds stacked neatly against the monitor. Scratch paper, rubber cement, and a cat for those moments of distraction. They'd probably fire me for sure I try that here.

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