Wednesday, 25 August 2004

slowing down for a moment

gonna take a linking break to absorb all the stuff I've been reading, be back in a while in one form or another

meanwhile, the anarchists are going strong:

Lawrence anarchists to protest in N.Y.C.

Group shakes off visit from FBI agents, will go to GOP convention

Despite recent visits from FBI agents, more than a dozen people affiliated with a Lawrence anarchist group are planning to go to New York to protest the Republican National Convention.

and then there's africa:

Saving Darfur

At the moment, almost all the citizens of Darfur are trussed with chains and burned alive; over 1.2 million people have so far fled, 1000 people die daily, many of them of hunger-related diseases, while food and medical supplies hardly reach the people because of obstruction by the Sudanese government.

is it a genocide?

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Human rights groups and the US Congress say the Janjaweed are carrying out a genocide.

If the UN accepts that a genocide is occurring, it is legally obliged to take action to stop it.

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