Thursday, 2 September 2004

word on the street

saidtoomuch: What about all this talk about reinstating the draft if shrub gets reelected. Sending someone off to war, now that's a lot of control to have over a nineteen year old kid. Gun control, are you kidding me? Kids in the ghetto don't walk around with AR 15's to do some huntin. Without gun control reps. and dems. would be no better the waring muslims in the middle east.

What about the FBI being sicked on some local college kids political group? The FBI at your frontdoor, now thats intimidation. Dem's are the only one's throwing rocks. How about that tub of lard rush limbaugh attacking not only Lawrence but also Kansas just because people went down to support the dem nominee.

As far as Kerry's opinions on war are, that's exactly what they are an OPINION. At least he's been to war can't say that about shrub or any of his cronies. I don't want my hard earned tax dollars to taken by anybody, but they could at least stay in the US to benefit fellow Americans instead of spending hundreds of billions of dollars to rebuild a country we just destroyed (or lining shrub's oil buddies pockets).

and then this (pay attention, there's a quiz in Nov.)
Expect an escalating campaign to terrify the public with phony Code Orange and soon Red alerts, spiced with well-timed captures of wanted terrorists and highly publicized "successes" in stopping the most horrific attacks.

Expect an increasing attempt to brand anti-Bush protestors as mini-terrorists, using police and FBI provocateurs to instigate violence, as they did so often against the Black Panthers and Vietnam Anti-War Movement.

Expect a massive effort to keep as many as three million pro-Democratic Afro-Americans, Native Americans, and non-Cuban Hispanics from voting.

And expect, as well, a few quiet attempts to rewrite computer codes on touch-screen voting systems, switching occasional Kerry votes to Mr. Bush. In a closely contested state, a handful of stolen electronic ballots could rewrite the course of history.

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