Thursday, 21 October 2004

Dear Senator Kennedy

found in my email:
Friday, October 15, 2004

Dear Senator Kennedy,

I am a constituent who called your Boston office yesterday (Thursday October 14, 2004) to inquire about your reaction to Minnesota Sen. Mark Dayton's decision to close his Washington D.C. office due to terrorist security concerns. I was transferred up the chain of command there and spoke to a second gentleman, who asked me if I thought we should "let them win, and close down Washington". I explained that my belief is that there is no "them", but that the 9-11 attacks were perpetrated by a criminal element within our government who wished to create an excuse to take away our civil liberties at home and also to go to war abroad.

This would be very-very similar to the "Operation Northwood's" plan submitted by the then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff L.L. Lemnitzer and soundly rejected by your HEROIC brother!

Your staff member then restated my 9-11 position, as if to be clear, to which I responded "yes absolutely". He then cut my call short as if my position indicated mental unbalance on my part. I did not get a chance to point out that Stanley Hilton, Senator Bob Dole's former Chief of Staff has not only stated the same position, but has initiated a law suit against those he believes makes up said criminal element. Ray McGovern, Ronald Reagan's former Chief CIA liaison officer, has also bravely gone on the record and stated not only that our government was complicit in the 9-11 attacks but that we may soon experience a "real or staged terrorist attack in order to postpone the elections". The FEMA operation CERT (Community Emergency Response Training) will culminate with a "mock attack" drill to respond to. I find it curious that this "mock attack" is scheduled for election day! This brings to my mind the coincidental fact that NORAD stood down on 9-11 for the first time in its history due to a "mock terrorist attack" drill where planes were used to crash into buildings!

Please go on the record and support Senator Dayton, as your colleague Senator Byrd has.

West Virginia Senator Byrd has said, "Senator Dayton took this precautionary step based on his conscience and his responsibility to his staff," said Sen. Robert Byrd, an eight-term Democratic senator from West Virginia. "I commend him."

Most Respectfully,

Kevin Clifford Meagher

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