Monday, 18 October 2004

Jon Stewart on Crossfire | Mefi

How fucked up is it that that is how we have to have analysis of our own media today. Not only is our most honest news program not really a news program, but the only guy on TV who wants to be serious about living up to journalistic responsibility isn't even a journalist. posted by Hildago

and from daily kos::
Poor Tucker actually point blank asked him to "be funny." Jon dismissed him.
  • No, I wont be your monkey
    Tucker asked him what he thought about the O'Reilly/Vibrator story, Jon said "I dont" and looked to Begala to change the subject. BEAUTIFUL!
  • We look to present the absurdity and theater of politics. Thank you both. I watch Crossfire every day
    Asked by Tucker if he'll be able to continue his mockery of politicians if Kerry is elected, Jon said "The only way is if a Kerry Presidency is as absurd as the current administration."
  • Bush says Kerry's rhetoric doesnt match his record. Well, Bush's RECORD doesnt match his record!"

  • ps - william gibson's blogging again

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