Wednesday, 20 October 2004

*V*O*T*E* *D*E*M*O*L*I*C*A*N* *2*0*0*4*

Ubiquitous Mediocrity for President!

Wage Slavery for Vice!
Crush the peoples’ will to power under penny-promises and coddling programs paid for by the toils of their own slavery! Make them pay for the maintenance of their cozy ineptitude with taxes and call it Free Public Services! Soften them up with pastel social reforms and economic initiatives of the trendiest academic vomit! Give them their subsidized petroleum injections and socialized health care treatments! Give the people all the things they want! Help them! Aid them! Spoil them with the hand of your ability and wealth! Let them feel every comfort and every consolation and let them have every need gratified until there are no needs left! Altruism! Yes! Altruism is the force to purge away the parasites! Selfishness only a virtue for those who participate in the Great Work! Choke them! Gag them! Drown the crippled spectators in the mother’s milk and seductive luxury of guilty desires! Give them fashionably pandering illusions of division, superiority and hate! Yes! You must sew equality into worthlessness, happiness into animosity, and calculated rebellion into the hem-seams of the world’s cultural fabric! Division by every meaningless difference: class, race, sex, and creed! Division by any self-sustaining means! Splinter them into groups large enough to maintain the delusion of safety, but small enough to distract them with continual blame-games, lest they realize the true cause of their ever-strangling terror! Assign motives and displaced meanings to facts and fictions and feed the 451 Fahrenheit auto-lobotomy of newspeak and political correction! Support the excision of faith in favor of empty hope, and in everything you do teach them to value the base of the inhibited commoner over the apex of the fervid achiever! Give them all the tools and all the means to shackle themselves to long and painful ruin in panic-riddled self-destruction! May they reach up and feel their glorious thorny crown sinking in, tearing down and sucking dry the modern bourgeois created as hoards for the tools of Armageddon! May the parasites never know the full weight and true taste of Wealth or Happiness! When finally the masses seek refuge from the looting, rioting, brutish storm of the world’s largest survival game, then will be the time for the Demolican Party to put everything back the way it ought to be -- Master and Servant.
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