Wednesday, 10 November 2004

Exit polls cannot be as wrong across the board as they were on election night.
Results 1 - 10 of about 15,500 for election fraud. (0.23 seconds)

not that it matters - the .23 seconds caught my eye
check out the fuckingtitle on this though:
Internet buzz on vote fraud is dismissed
By Rick Klein, Globe Staff | November 10, 2004
In Holmes County, Florida, though nearly three-quarters of registered voters are Democrats, Bush wiped out Kerry, 6,410 to 1,810, in results that mirrored those in several other counties where optical-scan paper ballots were used. And in Florida's Broward County, after the first 32,000 absentee ballots were fed into the computer system, a software glitch caused additional ballots to be subtracted from vote totals, rather than added.

A week after Kerry conceded and Bush declared victory, those assertions and scores of others from New Mexico to North Carolina have kept alive fierce speculation that Bush's victory either wasn't real or wasn't as decisive as it seemed. With memories fresh from the 2000 irregularities, e-mails and Web postings accuse Republicans of stealing an election....

Still, with reports swirling on the Internet, six Democratic members of Congress have asked the Government Accountability Office to investigate. Leading academics have joined the fray as well, saying that the integrity and future of the nation's voting system demand a vetting of all claims.
(at least the article is an article)

**update: voter fraud archive via weirdpixie's post

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