Sunday, 28 November 2004

Gray is too a natural color: Some ink for a 70s man

I called for an appointment. The fellow asked me what type of tattoo I had in mind. ''A name with a flower under it,'' I answered.

There was a pause before he replied, ''We discourage people from getting names on their bodies. They break up and they're stuck with a name they don't like or may even hate.''

''Well, she's my wife,'' I replied.

''How long have you been married?'' he asked.

''Forty-eight years,'' I replied. I guess I don't sound old over the telephone.

After another pause he said, ''Well, I guess it's probably OK. Looks like you're in for the long haul.''

''It sure looks that way,'' I agreed as he gave me an appointment.
via bme newsfeed

when I was selling jewelry out of monarch tattoo in emporia there were a lot of people who came through who'd ask for a name just like this guy - & it was almost always standard practice to tell them to rethink that idea

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