Friday, 12 November 2004

Paul Wellstone & JFK jr- assassinated?

Of course Senator Wellstone was assassinated. He publicly told constituents
shortly before his murder by small plane...that Cheney had ordered him to "fall
in or else." People in the area heard deafening electronic schreiks on their cellphones just before the plane crash. Equipment jam. Simple. "Investigators" were on the scene long before it would have been possible for them to drive that far...

On July 17th, 1997 when I saw the picture of pulverized debris from JFK Jr.'s plane
floating on the sea....then one pristine, intact piece of luggage...that started me wondering. That piece of perfect luggage meant perhaps, that the tail section/luggage compartment broke/blew off before it hit the water....

Why kill him? He was talking about running for the NY Senate seat...and would have been unbeatable. His magazine George was doing an in-depth piece on Massud, Israeli's spy organization and the NeoCon's best partner in crime. BFEE has been planning all of this since 1994. They wouldn't have wanted JFK Jr. with his magazine and him living right near the WTC when they knew damn well what was going down in 2001.
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