Friday, 12 November 2004

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parthenogenesis (.swf file - very cool animation) link dropped in my email by someone

alex jones reports on an indymedia story: Anti-war protest in L.A. gets response with tanks
Two armored tanks came to dispel the protest. It's unknown at the moment whether the protesters had permits, or what the rationale for bringing an armored response was by officials, but what kind of rationale could possibly merit this approach?

This is psychological warfare, the way they just drive up to watch a small gaggle of protesters and then drive off'. It's an LAV Marine Warrior tank, and the people in it are likely to be marines.... There are now claims that the marines were asking the protesters for directions as they were lost. Right. The most sophisticated vehicles on the planet with highly trained soldiers at the helm asking a group of anti-war protestors for directions?
he quotes:
Enraged, some of the people attempted to block the tanks, but police quickly cleared the street. The people continued to protest the presence of the tanks, but about ten minutes the tanks drove off. It is unclear as to why the tanks were deployed to this location. .more, with video.
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