Tuesday, 23 November 2004

Webbed Hand Records

Webbed Hand Records is an independent netlabel with a focus on strange works of audio art that defy tidy categories. With an expanding catalog of unique recordings and a growing roster of visionary sound artists, we're the label to visit for sound in the service of enchantment.... for the work of Webbed Hand, the Internet Archive now has "dreamworking" as a subgenre of Electronica. For works such as this transport you to a very strange place. As if in a dream you find yourself strolling in a fairytale forest, dark and misty...

via key23 comment

& they're accenting acceptance of demos for creative commons musicians:
These days we are especially seeking artists working in the following (sub)genres: ambient/soundscape, desertronica (electronica with Middle-Eastern samples/beats), occult trance, ethereal dreamscapes, deep illbient, instrumental psychedelic, gothic space dub, ethnic/ritual darkambient, and expecially anything really crackly-warm and mellow.

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