Wednesday, 24 November 2004

the Weldon amendment extraordinary sneak attack on women's rights and a disgraceful display of ideology over health."
"This language is a radical change in policy that the House has not debated on the floor, and the Senate has never considered, debated, or voted on. Republicans simply slipped it into the appropriations bill when they thought no one was looking.
"If a hospital, health insurance company, or doctor opposes Roe v. Wade, they could simply ignore it. Ignore it. This is the law of the land. A Constitutional right could simply be ignored."

Flexing post-election muscle, the Senate Republican leadership has just inserted into a must-pass $388 billion omnibus spending bill, an anti-abortion provision that could have broad reach...allowing hospitals and other healthcare providers to duck a responsibility to provide abortion services across the country. This won't stop people with money from getting abortions; this will only affect those women least able to expand their families.

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