Tuesday, 30 November 2004

Yahoo! News Full Coverage - World - Turmoil at CIA As Goss Lays Down the Law

probably want to keep an eye on the creeping tides as well:
Lieberman said Sunday that the conference committee "put a lot of [Sensenbrenner's] proposals in there" and that others are "unnecessary or irrelevant."

"I believe the president wants this bill, and I know he's taken some steps to bring it about," Lieberman said. "The reality is that with a majority of the members of the House ready to vote for this bill, the speaker refused to call a roll call."

"We've got a week to try to bring this bill to a vote, and I think the president clearly wants it," Lieberman added. "I can't believe the speaker, who also wants this bill, is not even going to call it. The speaker has inadvertently made a non-partisan matter into a partisan matter."

Sensenbrenner said he only wanted to "do it right and ... do it completely." (source)
it's gonna pass of course - right now it's just about how much power gets c³ into one individual - maybe someone like col. ripper or get Lieutenant Colonel Jim Channon out of retirement. It's always good to centralize power in one sane individual who can weild it anywhere in the world - speeds up the whole annihilating the planet objective we monkeys seem to have

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