Friday, 18 March 2005

Clemson University researchers print living tissue using standard printers filled with 'bio-ink.'

August 10, 2004 article
In the name of science, researchers have developed a way to print sheets of solid animal tissue by filling Hewlett-Packard and Canon inkjet cartridges with animal cells, or "bio-ink."...

Boland says that just as blending primary colors results in new colors, so does printing different cells create new tissue.

The idea to use common computer printers occurred when a student was conducting a common micro-patent printing, which is done by hand. Boland realized his student was having difficulty repeating the results and the printing process was time-consuming.

"I went to the lab to see what we could use," he says. "The computer printers were printing patterns in liquid drops." That gave him the inspiration to try what he calls "protein printing."

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