Tuesday, 17 May 2005

The Dark Gods Library Project

from the site:

The Dark Gods Library Project is an effort to collect data on the historical, mythological, and practical aspects of deities which have been labeled “negative” by modern standards or socio-religious influence. The goal is to keep these entities in the public consciousness and to add to and modernize their place in our culture. These beings, ideas, or energies, depending on your perspective, spark the creative urge in our society and help promote the exploration of new ways of thinking and means of understanding. They also provide insight into the development of our cultural values.

The means we by which we propose to approach this task is communal. Highly intelligent and creative individuals have already invested hundreds of hours into the exploration of individual deities and their foundations, as well as having working knowledge of these energies in ritual and their daily lives. It is best then to turn to these experts for their opinion and understanding, as opposed to attempting to recreate their understanding on our own.

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