Friday, 17 June 2005

currently downloading Feynman

there's so much stuff here it's sick

sauceruney turned me on to this a while back but I had no way of downloading until I bought me a portable 80 gig hard drive

now I'm catching up on lost time

Between all this Feynman mp3 and the collection of mp3's over at FutureHi (especially Mark Pesce) I've got a lot of listening ahead of me for the weekend

I bet Mark Pesce is going to be surprised when he has to sue me for what I'm going to do to his audio cause I'm going to cut that shit up & release it like the other raido kaos stuff I've done

then again, he's a Negativland fan - maybe he'll get it

ps -
on the Raido Kaos front... just released "Bones of a Dying World" - T. McKenna vs Prof. Oblivion with KLF licks in the background

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