Friday, 15 July 2005

Alchemy of the Paranormal

...we’re learning some truly amazing things that have repercussions in such diverse disciplines as anthropology, sociology, religion, psychiatry, and even quantum physics. We are starting to view all these EHEs as part of a single meta-phenomenon that is slowly revealing another side to our existence, something unexpected. Everyone of us is involved in this because the process takes place within the changing belief systems of individuals. While we may not know the mechanism involved, if we look at all types of Exceptional Human Experience, the meaning of the paranormal becomes clearer. Taken as a whole, the paranormal experience seems to suggest that human beings are being inaugurated into a frame of reference beyond the physical reality we take for granted. Space and time may only be components of something that we can’t yet grasp intellectually.

this is a great, albeit long, read. and potentially rewarding:

Paranormal subjects are energizing archetypal forces within themselves that align their energy vibration (consciously or unconsciously) with that of a particular archetypal force. That's why it only takes the rumor of UFOs for people to see them, because it sets up the unconscious expectation or right frequency of mind.
good stuff

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