Friday, 8 July 2005

Ball Lightning, Corpse Candles, and Weird Flying Humanoids

Ancient UFOs on a deadly mission
supernatural lights said to appear in the homes of the dying or be seen floating down country lanes at night, making their way to the parish burial ground along the same route subsequently taken by a funeral.

One year the area around Barmouth became famous for mysterious lights in the sky - what today we might call UFOs, but which the inhabitants back then considered death omens. The Barmouth lights achieved a lot more attention than the usual stories because they coincided with a major religious revival

Ball Lightning Injures 3 in Russia’s Yakutia
Ball lightning injured three men in Russia’s far eastern Yakutia Sakha region on Wednesday, the Interfax news agency reports. The lightning flew into a cottage where the group were sheltering from a thunderstorm and then exploded.

The incident occurred in the town of Sredne-Kolymsk in eastern Yakutia. | Weird Flying Entities Over The US
Weird sightings of strange flying creatures and unknown entities are not exculsive to Mexico.

There have been many reports of these disconcerting incidents through the years from different places around the world and the amount of testimonials from reliable witnesses who witnessed such odd experiences tell us this phenomena is no longer a myth but a reality, a dramatic revelation that mysterious and unpredictable presences exist around us.

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