Tuesday, 19 July 2005

blinkx (www.blinkx.com)

blinkx changes the rules of search by bringing you relevant information before you even ask. blinkx changes the way you interact with all kinds of information by reading the content on your computer screen and automatically linking you to related information - Web sites, the latest news on the Web, even documents and email on your computer.

You can also use blinkx to actively search web pages, news articles, video, JPEGs, MP3s, blogs and documents on your machine by entering your search into the query box - Om Malik called it the "Mercedes" of desktop search...

Free-to-download, blinkx automatically and intelligently links to relevant information anywhere and in any format: on the Web, in the news or on the desktop. Utilizing blinkx, users are no longer limited to Boolean keyword search. Instead, blinkx automatically and implicitly conducts searches based on the content being viewed by each individual user. blinkx is a privately-held firm based in San Francisco and London.

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