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The London Bombings

The London Bombings happened on the July 6 new moon of 14 Cancer (The first one at 8:51am London and 4th at 9:17 am July 7). This was 90 days AFTER the solar eclipse of April 8, 2005 at 19 Aries. This Solar Eclipse was in a square to Saturn at 21 Cancer. Having Saturn in a difficult aspect to an eclipse shows hard times and karmic lessons for the following 6 months to 2 years.

For the April 8, 2005 eclipses at 19 Aries to be activated, that degree needed to be triggered by other planets hitting the same degree. The New Moon of July 6 was at 14 Cancer squaring the Eclipse of April. Also, Mars squared the New Moon and the April eclipse at 17 degrees. WOW!

So on July 6 and 7, we had the Sun, Moon and Mars triggering the April Eclipse. Mars square the Sun alone shows an intense output of aggressive energy, and an urge for power and survival. Because of the age of London, we don't have a birth chart for London to see why it would be the place that would feel this eclipse.

At the time of the bombings, Saturn was about to leave Cancer and go into Leo. This leads me to believe that the bombings in London was a final lesson from Saturn in Cancer. Saturn which rules fear, limits and restraints was in Cancer for 2 years and Saturn in Cancer rules homeland and security. The Brits seemed to react in a slightly different way to this attack then the way we did in the U.S. They didn't seem to get paranoid and cut back on their human rights by passing a patriot act (yet). They took a more stoic and possibly a more enlightened approach by stating that they would try to find the causes of terrorism rather than act impulsively. But, on the other hand they may have been too lax in their security (Saturn in Cancer).

Maybe the lesson we needed to learn with Saturn in Cancer is to strike a balance between national security and a realization that the homeland is now the globe.


Trasiting Saturn in Leo

Now that Saturn is in Leo, I find it interesting to watch how the Leo's are being affected by this transit. For instance, I read an article on Tom Cruise the other day stating that his popularity may be fading because of his fanatic spiritual beliefs. I quickly did his chart and saw that his Moon is at 2 degrees of Leo. The Moon his emotional needs and Saturn is now conjunct his Moon. This means that his need to shine and be a star will be inhibited or restrained. He may get fewer roles.

President Bush has his ascendant at 7 Leo, Mercury at 9 Leo, Pluto at 10 Leo and Venus at 21 Leo. This year, 2005, Saturn will be conjunct his ascendant, Mercury and Pluto.

Jupiter was in Leo last year and being the 'great protector' he shielded him from his enemies. Now that transiting Saturn is on his Ascendant and Mercury, Venus and Pluto, he is more open to attack. Saturn is interested in deflating the ego. He wants to find the real inner self by getting rid of inflation and arrogance so that one can become authentic. But as the focus turns inside oneself, others may see this as a weakness and one can become vulnerable to any enemies made in the past. Because of this, the next two years may be a time when Bush's popularity wanes.

Karl Rove has been under the gun lately. We are not sure of his birth time, but some are listing a time of 4:14 AM on Dec 25, 1950 in Denver, Colorado. He would then have Scorpio rising (power, secrets) which would fit his profile. He has the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn and his moon is at 14 Cancer right on GW's Sun. They were made for each other, real soul mates because the Sun in GW's chart is conjunct the Moon in Rove's chart. This is a classic aspect for true compatibility. Rove has his Mars at 7 Aquarius and transiting Saturn in Leo is opposing his Mars starting in July and becoming exact in Sept 2005. Saturn will restrict his actions (Mars). He will be blocked somehow and not able to move forward. His Neptune at 19 degrees of Libra is squaring the Moon, Mercury and Venus. My old fashioned traditional astrology teacher would say that this aspect means "he's a liar, he's a liar". But I try to be broad minded. The operative word is "try". And I would say that with a T-square involving Neptune; there could be a lot of idealism, fantasy and deception from self or others around him. Neptune is the planet that rules propaganda. Neptune is not all bad, he also rules non-rational communication which makes this a great aspect for artists or musicians.

I have heard that Rove collects Goebbels memorabilia so he must feel some connection to him. We are not sure of Goebbels birth time, but with the time I have, he also had a T-square with Neptune opposite Moon square Jupiter. Goebbels shares the same Scorpio energy as Rove. Rove has a Scorpio ascendant and Goebbels had the Sun and Mars in Scorpio.

Condoleezza Rice has Sun, Venus, Saturn, Mercury and her Midheaven in Scorpio. Saturn in Leo will be squaring these planets and the MC (her vocation and standing in the outer world) during the next 2 years. She may share in GW's fall from grace.

With Saturn (fear) squaring Rice's Scorpio placements, Rove's Scorpio Rising and Bush with his Mercury conjunct Pluto in Leo, this administration is going to get mighty paranoid over the next few years.

Stay tuned.


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