Friday, 19 August 2005

Metaversal Full Moon Report (August 19-25) by Johannes Ayres

this is definately 4:20 reading material

I read these most weeks, but this one's worth reading just for the sheer stream of consciousness - like reading paragraph-length sabian symbols it is...

Each month brings a Full Moon, and each one is different. With the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius, the spotlight is on our personal and social destiny - what we desire to express as individuals and what we are choosing to experience as Humankind. Enormous forces are massed against our individuality, forces that can steam roller-pidgeon hole us into dancing monkeys. Aquarius and conformity go together like peanut butter and motor-oil. The quest for the Self, who we really are, necessitates forsaking the familiar. Wax elf ears, ham-hocks, builders of bridges, trinkets - they all end in snakes or addiction; only you, with your gauche aromas and savoir faire, end up stumbling through the supermarket with an evacuated wasp nest on your head. We must transcend parental and social conditioning, herd and tribal consciousness. Each time we go beyond the bounds of convention, we gain a larger perspective and a greater ability to serve. It could have been otherwise but it wasn't. There are certain things we are meant to understand. They're trying to see if they can blow up the Full Moon without explosives, and they have plunked themselves down on the unmade seabed. That part I understand, but how did that lecherous porpoise seduce a horse?

How indeed.

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