Thursday, 25 August 2005

Poker Without Cards: A Consciousness Thriller

I've read Poker Without Cards four times in the last year. as a result, my life has altered so radically that I now have free food, a pool, and constant high-speed internet. This book will change your life forever. If you are about to commit suicide, wait until you've read this book. If you are about to get married, wait until you've read this book. No matter who you are, if you speak english, you should read this book. If there is any reason why you can't read this book, find someone who can, and have them read it to you out loud. It is your only chance to really understand what it is you think you think. If you are a die-hard christian conservative and you read this book, be aware that your entire world might fall apart. Ried this art, and you might find the real Art. This is the non-fiction version of the Great & Secret Show. There is no greater text on the market (sans Coercion by Doug) that can begin to have the reality altering effects that this book has had on me & those around me. Even if you ignore everything I've ever written and think that I'm just a pedantic blowhard with too much blogging time on my hands, you should still read this book.

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