Thursday, 15 September 2005


so taking a look at how I rated in an online chakra test and psych test, it's obvious I need to do less mentally and get in touch with grounding elements - i'm the worst kind of air-head, an elitist one.. granted a lot of this is emotional armoring as self-defense for the environment I percieve myself existing in - I feel like I'm stranded behind enemy lines in the culture war - but that doesn't change the fact that living like this is self-defeating

so I'm going to try to confront all the things I've been using the net as a distraction to avoid

a friend of mine is running his life like a scavenger hunt. I set up a blog for him because to him the internet is a place to get stuff.

his lists are interesting - lots of obscure horror films and strange artists

I on the other hand have been trying to simplify and streamline the objects in my posession - I don't need any more shit until I get my shit together, and even then it's just more shit...

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