Sunday, 4 September 2005

Got Fleas? - Unquiet Mind

the strange journey of unquiet mind is an intensely personal one. It started as an anti-comic strip - a tragic strip - in an attempt to document the emotional and psychological turmoil I was feeling as I dug around in my psyche and through the internet.

when I met kitty meow, I had just started re-evaluating the solo material I'd been working on (now released under the name "Philip K Nixon") and had decided to try putting together a more industrial-focused project - music that couldn't be played on the radio because it was too unfriendly. that was my stated goal, and when I explained it to kitty, she got it, saw how we could construct it, and gave me the idea of sampling our friends. immediately we started working on it, and within a few weeks had our first ep constructed.

Over the next few months, we created an album with the idea that it was a hex on all institutional systems - released it online on election day as a massive fuck you to both political parties. Unquiet Mind is about the rage an idividual feels when emeshed within a community that violates the individual's need to be an individual - we're ontological werewolves behind occupied lines - and our only weapon is rage

taking this to the next step, now that kitty and I have split, I am the sole creative force behind this project, and the material kitty and I generated with the intention of creating a remix album of teotwawki (um..yeah) as well as the material intended for the next album (to be called TRUTHSEEKERS/LOVERS/WARRIORS) is now entirely in my hands. I miss very much the creative interplay of ideas that existed when this project first began, but I also have discovered that I need this outlet - that mixing this... working on this project, is a psychological necessity now.

This is my deposit of hatred: it is destructive, it is painful, and it is noise. Unquiet Mind is the voice of my personal abyss and my hatred and my own personal decay. I do not do this for you, and I wonder very much if I'm doing it for myself. Sometimes I feel like a ouija board, that I am echoing the pain of the dead in these tracks, that they are using me to communicate through to the living. Consider this a warning.

That said, check out the latest track.

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