Monday, 19 September 2005

Key23 | metachor - Emerging from Fear

I felt trapped in my own situation, as if I lacked the power to determine my own possibilities and coincidences. I had not made my own space in which to grow and shed the skin of old self-limiting habits. I had not stepped out to my own reality, but passively let an illusory fate wash over me. I did not take actions to actualize my own desires, or actions to appease the suffering I see all around me. “What the thinker thinks, the prover proves” — and in seeing helplessness and suffering to all quarters, my own life reflected a feeling of helplessness and suffering.

But I take responsibility for seeing those dire conditions, for accentuating and bringing them to the fore in my own life. Communities of proactive and hopeful individuals exist and fight for the dreams everywhere. The community around this site acts in such a manner, and the ultracultural community at large. As a unique individual I can determine my own point of view and actions toward creating change in myself and the world.

this whole article vibrates - I really needed to hear this and think it through after all the emotional turmoil I've isolated myself away to experience. Charting one's personal demons is by no means a simple procedure.

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