Monday, 12 September 2005

LA: dude where's my grid?

I phoned a pal in the 'hood on my mobile to ask if she knew anything. She didn't, and said "I guess this means I'm paranoid, but the first thing I did when the lights went out was change from heels to sneakers and get ready to run."

People were trapped in elevators, cars bumping into each other, streets are chaotic. When the power goes out, all stoplights are supposed to convert to four-way stop signs -- but in Hollywood, nobody can count that high. Ohwaityestheycan, you just have to stick a little dollar sign in front of each number... or precede them with the words "Star Wars Episode."

UPDATE: Whups -- LA Times reports that the blackout was "caused by an employee who inadvertently cut a power cable." Link

unreal. I made an off-hand comment " I can't help but think that we're getting damn close to some end-point

next it's going to be L.A. or melbourne - maybe even a volcano in oregon.

The sky is falling! "

and within what, two hours there's a power outage in L.A. Honestly, it wasn't me

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